It’s Purely Inhumane.

I am writing this letter in regard to the article that I read this morning on metro magazine. The article titled: Asylum seekers ‘can be refused NHS treatment. I found it for a long time that failed Asylum seekers have been deprived from the basic human rights. Failed Asylum seekers are entirely prohibited from work in this country, and they also lived in squalid conditions, and some are homeless and sleeping on the streets and also traumatised. I found it very harsh and cruel for this vulnerable group not to get free treatment from NHS just because of heartless judges who impose repression laws on their fellow human beings. I feel it’s high time to denounce these cruel and unmanly thinking of individuals. Failed asylum seekers are human beings with feelings and emotions. Probably it could through the legal system that failed them when they have genuine concerns over their lives. Personally, I am part of the group and I have been here for more than six years but I could not be returned to my country of origin (Zimbabwe) because it’s not safe.  I am a qualified nursery manager, freelancer writer and well a cake decorator but because of the legal system, I am not allowed to work. At the present I am doing voluntary work as community reporter. I am happy that I am contributing something back into the community. I wish all legal systems are fair and people should have a better understanding of other people if they put themselves in the same shoe.


Who believed a white man would never steal?

Born in Zimbabwe and  grew up in an environment that  always thought the white man is a “perfect” man  or a “saviour”. I never heard any story that says a white man has stolen or put in a jail but only stories of  black people. The reason behind the ‘perfection’ of white man is that everyone believed that the white had everything or are born rich. Therefore they do not struggle for the things. It was always the black people working on white man’s company, farm, house and etc.

When I came in this country, UK, I was enlighted and I was totally horrified and shocked with some  big criminal offences that some of the white people have committed. The people we thought they were perfect and wealthier. I came to understand the word imbalances. In Africa the white man had managed to use the cheap labour taking the advantage of the background. My mum would always say a white man lives in a clean place but having lived in UK  for more than six years,  I have seen some houses which one would thought they deserve to be a pigsty but surprisingly it would be a white man’s family dwelling in that filthy house.

I also came to realise that even in Zimbabwe there were also white criminals but they would not send them to jail because many of  they would hire a good lawyer or else they had to pay using the back door (corruption)methods by bribing the police. Sometimes the police would not pursue with the story because they lack self belief or confidence  especially on language area which is English and it is also second language to majority of Zimbabweans.

To sum up, I realised there is nothing of perfection. We are all human and we do make mistakes but sometimes people they falsely represent themselves hence giving wrong signals or impression about themselves.