Interviewing the Community

I went out this morning to Higher Broughton where I met one of my mentors Kylie. She was already waiting for me at the McDonalds which is situated along Bury New Road. We set up our journey and planned whom we intended to give the first interview. After a while we agreed, we proceeded with our journey but unfortunately we had no clue where the place was. So we decided to visit the Higher Broughton Youth Centre. Fortunately, there was a lovely woman, Cee, who was willingly to help us. She did not spend a lot of time. She searched it and in a fraction of seconds she found the address. Immediately we jotted down the address s and made our way straight to the rendezvous. When we got there was no sign of life. “I think there is no-one here. Let’s go to the library where we can meet a lot people and ask if them they could have a mini interview with us,” said Kylie. “It is a good idea,” I replied her. With this in mind we left and drove towards Higher Brroughton Library. In few minutes we were there and parked our car behind the building. We picked our interviewing equipments and head straight into the library. Inside, two beautiful librarians flashed infectious smiles to us the moment we stepped in. It was a good welcome sign that we could not resist. We introduce ourselves and they welcomed our ideas of interviewing within the building out of individuals consent. One of the librarian ladies showed us where we can put our equipments and a corner place top interview people without drawing attentions to other people. Having satisfied with arrangement, we progressed and ask people as one to one individual consultation. Some were eager or willingly to be interviewed others were camera shy and while other people did not like at all to be involved.

Out of all people whom we have met and spoke to, there was one person who seems to be rude or disrespectful. We were asking one of the people in the library whether he was comfortable if we could interview him after he finishes his work on the computer. Our voices were very low as we were speaking but alas there was this man whom I shall call Zed. He decided to interact between our conversations. “I am doing my work here. Therefore stop talking and get out of this place,” he said with harsh and cruel tone. Instantly we stopped and starred at him but with a written message all over our face that there is no need to be rude or intimidating us. After that we just continued with our conversation and told the man whom we were currently speaking to that after he finishes his work he can meet us at our special corner. He agreed. Then after less than 5 minutes, we saw the grumbling man, Zed, leaving the library and he managed to say goodbye to the librians. It was a thought of the day.


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