When The Human Mind Explodes

Feeling hungry, this late evening, I dashed out of my house and ran to a nearest Indian take away restaurant. It is less than few hundreds yards from my dwellings. “Chicken jalfrezi,” I announced to the waitress. Two minutes later, I heard a very disturbing high pitched voice from outside. Anxiously, I looked around and found my eyes drawn to a young couple across the road, probably in their late teens. The young white lady was of slim body, she was wearing a black jean and a grey jumper but sited on the silver bus stop bench. On her far left was a lovely pink primer, covered with plastic on top. I truly believe that on the primer was the baby wrapped up and also disturbed with the commotion that was so close and from the people s/he knew well. Standing  few inches from the woman, was the young  white man, already wrapped up in complete black attire. Probably from what I have seen it could have presented a “black” day for the couple.

“You Fckin shit,” screamed the young woman. “Go away,” she added with a bitter voice. Then, I saw the young man’s head bowing down close to the woman’s right ear and uttered some words. I could tell his words were an insult to an injured tiger. In response, the woman shoved him hard with her paws. She scratches him everywhere. Their commotion had attracted a number of people. People had gathered everywhere, some standing on the pavement while others standing near the road but  they were  all looking at the scene with an inquisitive eye. I could describe them as a mere spectators or audience because none of them dared to intervene in this verbal battle. At times the man appeared as the one to give up. He showed some sign of restless but after a while he would come back into a rage but fortunately he was not prepared for a physical fight with the woman probably his girlfriend/ partner/ wife.

Each time she fought back, he tried to defend himself by pushing down the woman and using his almighty force. “It’s a film,” said the male waitress. “A free one,” I added and there was thunder of laughter in the restaurant. “Here is your food,” I heard the same waitress voice talking to me again. I turned around and picked up my well packed food. “Thank you,” I said as I left the restaurant.

Outside, the verbal war between the couple was still going on. I waited and a waited for a while hoping something better would come out of the two but alas nothing happens, but only a bus passes by. Reluctantly, I started to maneuver slowly towards my house but after a very few steps, I would turn around to check on their progress. I could tell that their grudge was eternity and no-one wants to listen to the other. No amicable solution. I concluded.

“Should I call the police,” I found myself struggling with my conscience. “What if they kill each other?” I thought but unfortunately I did not take any positive action. I realised that when the human mind explodes it is like a bomb shell. It destroys anything that comes across its way. It becomes a real catastrophe. It takes time to build something but it takes few seconds to destroy.