My First Ever Wedding Cake.


I was so proud of this cake. It came as an unexpected surprise for I had never done any wedding cakes before but the normal¬† such as birthdays ones. I had gone to sleep early one night at the end of April 2008 and I was not feeling well. My phone house rang and my friend P, picked up for me. “Euna, It’s your call,” he beamed as he brought it towards me. I shoved off my head uncomfortable out of the blankets. “Hello,” I said as I answered the person online. “Euna, It’s Eppy here.” I am really sorry to wake you up late but I need an immediate help from you.” I listened attentively not knowing what to expect. “My cousin is going to wed this coming Saturday and he needs a wedding cake. He had arranged with another woman but the lady had let them down on the last minute,” she continued. “Could you make one for him, please,” she begged. “Can I speak to your cousin,” I said but without any idea what to say¬† to him. He immediately came on the line and I spoke to him. “Look, I heard your request but I am not going to say yes or no. Leave it to me and let me digest it for the whole night and I am going to give the response by tomorrow afternoon,” I told him. With this conversation I hang up the phone.

“Pee, what do you think? Should I make the cake for them?” I asked him to get his opinion over my dilemma. “Go for it and when opportunity strikes, heat it while it is still hot,” he responded. I knew It was time to do it and show my expertism in cake decoration. I realised the trick that it was to handle each cake as individual. All of suddenly, I was filled with the excitement of doing the wedding cake. I could not believe how luck I was. The next day I phoned my new client and told him the most exciting news he was undoubtedly expecting to hear and his voice was filled with gratitude. I made all the plans and in four days I had come up with an amazing cake. My neighbours were all astonished with creativity. ” You are talented,” they said in unison.

On the day of the wedding, everyone complemented on my cake. It was gorgeous outside and inside. The bride and the groom were over the moon. I felt satisfied with my articulate performance. It is a privilege for me to be a cake decorator.