Do not die silently:Know your rights

Having experienced psychological and emotional abuse. I decided to know more of my rights. I did my researches and I hope they are going to  help you as well.  First, let me define psychological and emotional abuse.

Psycholological and emotional abuse is that which impinges on the emotional health and development of individuals. It is also presents with other forms of abuse. Examples of behaviour: shouting , swearing, insulting, ignoring, threats, intimidation, harassment, humiliation and depriving an individual of the right to choice and privacy.

Human Rights. Anyone who is in the UK for any reason has fundamental rights which the government and public authorities are legally obliged to respect. These became Law as part of Human Rights Act 1998. Here is the list of your human rights;  the right to life, the right to peaceful and enjoyment of your property, the right freedom of expression, the right to education, the right not to be punished for something wasn’t a crime when  you did it, the right to a fair trial, the right to respect for private and family, right to protest, the right of freedom of thought conscience, and religion, and freedom to express beliefs and finally freedom of assembly and association.

Exercising your human rights: If you are in situation in which you believe that your human rights are being violated, it is advisable to seek if the problem can  be resolved without going to court by using medication or internal complaints.  Before you decide to  take any legal action it is vital that seek Legal advice. Citizen Advice Bureau and Community Legal advice.  Enforce your rights. I paved  a way for you and me.


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