The Little Girl’s Sadness and Happiness.

I was on my way from Dialstone Library when I noticed a small girl squatting alone on the green loan just outside her house, and she looked very sad and I wondered what happened to her? l guessed that the  little girl’s age was between 3 and 4. In a  couple of minutes a young boy of 10, whom I suspected that he could be the little girl’s brother came out of the dwellings. His eyes raced everywhere in search and finally they rested on the little girl’s face, who was by now looking down on the ground, and her eyes refusing to meet his. “She is here,” he called out to the blond woman in black summery dress, who was standing by the door. The woman manourved towards them, as the young boy made an attempt to amuse her  little sister with cooing sounds but alas the little girl was still in bad mood.

The blond woman went straight for the little girl and tried to have a conversation with her but  it did not succeed. Whatever she said worsened the situation. The littile girl started crying as she ran away from the woman whom I also thought that she could be the little girl’s mother. She followed the little girl as she asked her to calm down.  Finally the little girl gave up and she stopped running abruptly. Her mum came, kneel down besides the little girl and gave her a good hug and talked to her with a soothing tongue. Suddenly there was a dramatic change from sadness to happiness. The little girl  was laughing and kissing her mum. “l love you mum”, said the little girl. “I love you too.” her mum replied. Hand in hand  they strode back to their house.

Then I remembered a quotation from the bible that says if you want to be a leader be like a child. A child does not  carry grudge for long. A child quickly forgives and move on. So was this little girl, upset for a while but in a jet of minutes she was happy as if nothing has happened.


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