Is It The Riches?

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It was three o’clock, the time when he came back home and only silence welcomed him. A big vacuum had been drilled on his heart . Nothing could fill the hole. His whole body shuddered with anger, and as he shook his head vigorously. He wanted to clear out his chest. The sudden dramatic changes in his life had brought so much misery and Achu could not withstand it. He paced to and fro in their grand designed house. He punched the walls with his fist and broke two picture frames “How could Chuchu do this to me? She broke my heart and took away my family. Now, I am lonely man in the world. God why did you not warned me? My life is in tatters. Is there anyone outside who can hear me? My life… My life… My life…He groaned in anger as the tears rolled down his cheeks. He squatted for a while, as his head searches for the answers that nobody could give him.

 Achu was fiercely crying over the spilt milk. He was a man of integrity,  well-loved and respected by his family and the community at large. But on this day his life was in shambles, the woman he loved so much had betrayed him. Chuchu, the woman of his heart, the little girl he had transformed to a woman. The little girl he had loved on the early days of their youth and promised her manna from heaven, and through hard-working, Achu, fulfilled the dreams of his wife. In ten years he had built a £50 million business empire. He had invested wisely in properties across the British cities. To those who knew his background, they saw it as a was a wheel of fortune, and from rugs to riches. Achu provided all the necessities and he made sure his wife and children dressed elegantly like many celebrates. Any form of designer clothes that his wife liked would ended up in their wardrobe. It made him feel happy and to feel like a real man. It was his wish to make sure that his wife  and children are happy. “When you are happy babe, I am also happy?” These were his daily words he spoke to his wife but to this day he had failed to comprehend what had transformed his angelic wife to a monster. He had written in his heart that only death could separate him from his wife. It was the same wows they made on their wedding. Chuchu, his heart throbbing wife had destroyed his role as a man. She had literally shredded it and threw it away into the bin. “Chuchu, how could you do this to me?” at this point Achu was pointing with trembling finger at one of Chuchu’s pictures, which was still hanging in their living room. A picture that showed Chuchu and family relaxed at home.

 Chuchu a discreet woman had grown to love his man Achu and she had dearly loved him and emulates her husband’s success. She had enjoyed the fruits of their success. She became the envy of her family and friends. Together Chuchu and Achu they had travelled extensively going for holidays and business meetings and sometimes they would go with their nanny, Theresa, who in return be looking after their twin girls, Achi and Chumi. Business meetings had always given Chuchu a lot of excitement. She had always looked forward for them. Meeting new people and share the business concepts.

It was one of the business trips in America that led Chuchu to meet a charming, prominent lawyer, Andrea Blacksmith. Andrea Blacksmith  the fifth richest man in America. He had inherited a vast of wealth from his great maternal and paternal grand parents who were both  Lords and owned slaves but despite that Andrea had a lot of respect for people of different races. Andrea owned shares in Anglo-American, Microsoft, and the Coca Colacompanies. He also invested in properties.  Some of his early properties invested were auctioned  by celebrates and Hollywood stars. He enjoyed the success and the lavishing style he shared with the beautiful women. He was not in a rush to marry and neither the girlfriends who in time and again offered him some sexual pressures but this was not until he met the most beautiful and elegant woman, Chuchu, the wife of Achu. He had cursed one of his friends, Jamie, who had observed earlier at the business meeting that his friend, Andrea was undoubtedly attracted to Chuchu and had lost concentration as his eyes were running between the woman and him.

“Get off your eyes from her,” she is a married woman.  I saw your eyes running like those of a cat in search of the lost rat. Jamie said as he joked with his friend, Andrea, at lunchtime. “Mind your own business my friend”, Andrea retaliated. “I love Chuchu” “Are you crazy? Or you are out of your mind?” Jamie heated back. “Just wait and watch. I mean every word. I am like an eagle when it comes to hunt on beautiful women.” Andrea boasted. “I warn you Andrea, never get close to my wife or else I will kill you in day light,” Jamie was getting angrier every minute and he never thought his friend could be a bait. He had a lot of respect for him and he knew that his friend Andrea had a lot of  Hollywood girl friends star but he never thought his friend ‘ with a married woman. It’s like his eyes were opened for the day to see the true character of his friend. “ As long as she plays I am ugly game,” I won’t get near her. In the end their lunch was short-lived as Jamie decided that he had enough of Andrea.

 Five buildings away from where Jamie and Andrea had dined, in another restaurant; a woman in her early thirties is talking to her husband. “Sweetheart, your mind seemed to be far away? Is anything worrying you, today?  Tell me if there is anything I can do for you. Remember, I am happy when you are happy babe,” Achu spoke with a fervent voice. He had noticed soon after the business meeting that his wife’s mind was thousand miles away from the things they were speaking about, and he thought if he could wait for a while his wife would confide her thoughts to him.  After twenty minutes in the restaurant he realised that his wife was not going to release information that bothered her. “Nothing really, darling. I was thinking if it was possible for us to move from England and live permanently in America. I love California or San Francisco.”  This was an opportunist answer that she had preserved in her mind but in truth Chuchu was thinking Andrea. She knew that she loved him the moment that their eyes met for the first time. The charming, prominent lawyer had blown away her heart. She loved everything that she saw from Andrea and she instinctively knew that Andrea had fallen head over heels. During the business meeting their eyes were conveying messages. Message that their body languages understood well. She was praying silently for a clandestine opportunity where she could talk to Andrea without the prying eyes and she wondered where he was and what he was doing? Whether Andrea was thinking of her as she was for him?

 “Nothing is impossible, darling we can move to America .  For how long have you been thinking this, darling? You should not let things like that trouble your heart. Personally I love England more and most our business properties are in England. It’s easier to run around and manage the properties but on the family matter know that babe; I always respect your wishes. Who knows what the future us and the sky is the limit,”Achu.. to be continued



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