A Child Crushed On a Wedding Day

This "Cake in White Satin" with its ...

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The African women ululated. The African drums pounded. Women and men danced as they encircled the newly weds. They chanted their names and the couple smiled back. Makoroto meaning Congratulations a song that blended well with the event was heard emanating from the sweet voices of Africa. Love makes everything possible. It unites people and makes them one. Love is stronger than hatred. Love is beauty. Above all love conquers everything.

Busisiwe’s wedding gown became the subject of the day. It was exquisitely hand-made. Busisiwe strolled on the red carpet as she walked hand in hand with her husband, as they head to the high-table.

 Their reception hall was beautifully decorated with African materials. Different types of  clay pots, vases, drums, wooden mortars, pestles, drums and basket wares were beautifully displayed on every corner of the hall. Their wedding cakes were African-Zimbabwe map shaped while other cakes were drum shaped.The African theme was brilliant  and everybody liked it. The celebrations went well throughout the day.

 It was late evening when  there was sudden change and some people were going outside of the hall to have a chat, fresh breath or leaving for their homes. I was one of the people who went outside and I wanted to feel the fresh air, and my head had started aching. Whilst I was standing I noticed few things on children. The children were deadly relaxed, running, climbing, playing and pushing each other. Children were naturally enjoying these out-door activities. They were random plays but without any adult supervision. A fear of danger was completely outside their mind. They played as they crisscrossed the nearby roads and I began to fear for their lives. Cars were whizzing by and I remember the other driver in white car driving cautiously because he saw a little girl of nine just passing him and she was not even looking where she was going. She walked quickly as if she wanted to cross the road but subconsciously something hold her back. The driver of the white car manoeuvred his vehicle slowly and at times stopping and making sure the little girl was not going to cross his way. The little girl walked again and she stopped subconsciously and this time two cars were coming from both opposite directions. She remained standing for a while. Once satisfied, the driver of the white car moved his vehicle safely and he was gone. I had a deep breath, feeling for the driver who had successfully avoided an accident.

I gazed everywhere and I saw a child of two-years falling on the road. On my back another child was crying because he had fallen on the hard metal steps as he tried to follow other children who had already climbed the stairs.  I wondered where their parents where at that particular moment? It was getting scary every time. Someone else picked the two –year-old and they let him sat on the edge of the road. I moved away from the place and went in sit down in my friend’s car. I had stayed about five minutes when I thought of going back to the hall. On my way back I saw a police car and the ambulance. I wondered what happened? I probed in, and I found out that one of the children who were playing had an accident. A car had crushed on his leg as he was crossing. What I actually had feared for,  took place in the least five minutes I left the place. My heart went for the child. The master of ceremony, earlier had pre-warned guardians and parents to look after their children and he had said if parents failed to keep an eye on their children they will fall into a big trouble but unfortunately some his words had fallen on rocks.


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