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I found myself one morning dialling a number;I listened as the phone ringing to the other end. “Marple Library, Good morning. How can I help you?” I heard a female voice answering the phone. “Goodmorning.  My name is Euna and I have heard of the writing group that meet every Tuesday evening at the library. I want to be part of the group and I was wondering whom I should contact?” “Could you just hold the line for a while I search for their contact details? I am sure we have their email address,” said the female voice that I believed she was the librarian. “No problem. I will hold,” I said with a cheerful voice.  After a couple of minutes the librarian voice boomed again. “I found the their email. Do you have a pen a paper with you?” she asked.  “I have it,”I said.  She called out the email address as I scribbled it on a small piece of paper. “Get in touch with them and I am sure they will be happy to know that you want to join them. Goodbye and wish you all the best of lucky”, said the librarian. “Thank you, I said as the line went dead on the other end.

Immediately I went online and emailed the leader of the group and introduced myself  and that I was much interested in joining them. I clicked the send button. In five minutes I checked my email inbox and there was new message. It was the reply from writer’s group and she welcomed me and informed that only two Tuesdays were left before they closed for summer holidays. She explained that I was welcome to come on the two Tuesdays but I will officially join the group in September when the schools are opened. She explained further that the following Tuesday, their topic will be centred on Monopoly. Everyone will write something about the topic and read it back at the group meeting.

I wrote back to her and I said I didn’t mind to come for those two Tuesdays left, and that I wanted to familiarise with the place and other writers. After she confirmed. Tuesday evening came, and I went to Marple Library. I was one of the early birds. Inside two members welcomed me. After the introductions, I got to know how the group started and that it welcomed diversity and hence it make them to know or understand the other side of the world through these other writer’s experiences. It was a great joy for them to have me and they are looking forward to hear my  experiences as an African girl.

Currently the Marple writing group is packed with writers who are in their mid thirties to seventy years of age though I wished the young people were part of it, but then some of them might be in colleges or universities. I was very much touched with the group and I loved all beautiful tones that I heard as they read their stories.  I am looking forward to have more fun with them as the year progressed.


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