I Love MCR (Manchester) Photos Part 3

Wondering in the streets of Manchester I took several beautiful pictures. I took all these photos yesterday the 24th of August 2011 but unfortunately I noticed my camera put a different date and different time. All my shots are over two hundred.  Every picture tells a story.  They are all unique. I am proud to share these exquisite images with you.  I hope those few images I am going share with  you will highlight my experiences. I think yesterday is the day I  have reached the climax of photographing that I never knew it exists but simply by playing with the camera had opened a new avenue for me.  I hope you are all going to love them as I did.

I took this image outside  of Heron Building.

One of the streets in Manchester.

A great mixism of old and new buildings.

Really beautiful.

The Metro bus just stopping at a perfect time.

The street packed with cars as they manoeuver slowly .

The bustling community of Manchester. The tallest building popping up is the Hilton Hotel.

I was mesmerised with this window display.

Yes I adore MCR its full of life.

The passage way.

So beautiful.

Gracious God help me as I crossed this pathway.

Hilton pops out a lot better on a slightly closer range.

Photograghing doesn’t go better than this. I loved it. Even today I can’t believe that I have done this.

The Midland Hotel.

Some Near St Peters’s square.

St Peter’s Square.


The back side of Manchester town Hall.

A  different scene.  I love it.

Good Infrastructure In Manchester.

I Love MCR.


Outstanding Buildings.

Are the two going to collide?

Thank God I know what I am capable of.

That a big Advertisement that I have done them. Thanks to my wonderful camera.

Mosley street, just next to Piccadilly gardens.

I have two more pictures to add but my computer could not allow me at the present. Hope you are all going to enjoy.


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