The Polluted Minds Versus The Smart Old Man.

Earlier this morning I was on my way to Sainsburys Supermarket in Hazel Grove and it was on my way when I noticed a few things on the pathway I was walking on that it was full of rubbish thrown on both sides of the road. It is the pathway that leads from Offerton Estate to Sainsburys or the A6 Road. I remembered very well that three weeks ago the pathway was thoroughly clean and Stockport Council had done great job to send its delegates to clear the mess and trim down all the branches. The pathway was spotless clean and the sight was breathtaking. But today I fumed with anger that some people had no respect for their surroundings and if they really cared they would have tried their best not to spoil their environment. I thought of what could be done to bring this people to justice or at least to get some basic lessons on how to love and respect their environment.

On my way back from Sainsburys I saw an old man who was smartly dressed and I remembered his face because I had seen him earlier when I was going to the supermarket but this time I noticed his purpose of walking about. In his hands he had an orange Sainsburys’ plastic bag filled with some rubbish and emptying all the filth contents into the big black cylinder bin provided by the council. I spoke to him and he told me he lives on the nearby flats and his flat is on the top floor. ” I have been affected with this horrible sight,” he said as he pointed his finger to the litter that scattered on all the sides of the pathway. It was the same pathway that I have been infuriated with  the mess that surrounds it. This old man was patiently picking the rubbish that some reckless individuals had thrown senselessly. He mentioned it also bothers him that some people have no care of their environment. I entirely agreed with his concerns but who could tackle this issue so that our environment would stay clear from the hands of polluted minds?

I thanked him for the loving and tender care he has for his community and the effort that he puts that some people will never appreciate or consider it. It touched my heart.  The picture he gave me symbolises of a tall bamboo that bends down to get some respect.



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