The Classic Anointed Cakes..

It’s a story of an ambitious lady who grew up enjoying baking at an early stage of her life. She would watch her mum baking scones at home. The smell of savoury scones would fill the kitchen inviting the outsiders to come and taste the delicious scones. Every time she saw her mum baking, the young lady would ask her if she could help her, without hesitation the mother would quickly show how to make the scones. The child mastered the art of baking and little did she know that one day she would have her own cake business. It was through the awe some responses that she got from friends, church and family members that her cakes were extremely beautiful and delicious. Every body that ate her cake came back with amazing testimonies. She was humbly touched and thought hers was a gift from God. She never believed that it was her baking knowledge that made her cakes popular but believed that some how there is anointing of God in her work. To acknowledge God in her business she came up with a business name of her cakes; Classic Anointed Cakes. You may wonder who is this lady. It is I, Euna Chawatama the author of this article and the founder of the Classic Anointed Cakes.

Strike while it is still hot.

In April 2008, a friend called Euna at midnight. “Hi Euna, I am calling for an immediate help and I just thought of you.” “Ok. How can I help?” Said Euna. “I have got my cousin here and whose wedding is on this coming up weekend the 5th of April. They need a wedding cake. The person whom he had entrusted to do the work had let him down on the last minute”. At that moment Euna’s mind went wild for she knew she never ever made a wedding cake before but only the birthday cakes. Here was an opportunity for her to show that she can do more than just a birthday cake. She wrestled with her mind whether to grab or not. She finally said to her friend, “Can I speak to your cousin?” “Of course you can, just hold the line for him.” In a couple of seconds a deep male voice blurted out. “Hi Euna, It is as you heard from my cousin. We are in limbo and we desperately need your help,” he said with a pleading tone. “I have heard your plea. I am not going to say yes or no till tomorrow afternoon. I am going to call you once I made up mind,” said Euna. After a couple of minutes the telephone conversation ended bade each other Good night, good night.

It was a while when Euna thought what she was going to do with the special request. The answer that came to her mind that night was to only share her dilemma with other people who know her well. The first person she contacted that night was Pete, her old friend. After she had conveyed her thoughts to him, it did not take long for Pete to motivate Euna. “Strike while it is still hot. Opportunities come and go but you have to grab this one,” said Pete “I never made a wedding cake as you know, so how do you think am I going to handle this one?” “It’s a challenge Euna and you have to take a risk,” argued Peter. “But risking people’s wedding cake is not my cup of tea,” silently Euna uttered those words in her heart. In the end she thanked Pete for his contribution. It was time for Euna to ponder on the business matters and come up with amicable solution for the newly weds to be.. When she went to bed that night the only words that ring her mind: Strike while it is still hot. With this she went to bed peacefully knowing she was going to please her new customers.

The following day Euna phoned the new customers earlier than the scheduled time she had mentioned earlier, she revealed. The customer wanted two big fruits and sponge cakes. The theme of their wedding was the burgundy and colours.As the week went by Euna found herself fully indulged in the cake business. She worked hard day and night and the results were pleasing. By the end of the week Euna Chawatama had produced the most beautiful cake that the world had ever seen.

This is the Cake


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