The Bushes of Africa are much safer than the streets of UK.

I was coming from work after ten at night and I was wondering how would I get home. The only reason that triggered my thoughts was that I am nyctophobia. I prefer to walk and work during the day but sometimes my work pushes my boundaries and I am found myself trapped. Sometimes I want to carry out certain goals that I had set for myself within the stipulated time. I have always wanted to use public transport, and using public transport it’s my personal choice otherwise I could drive myself around. There are two main reasons why I prefer the public transport. First, it gives me the opportunity to read whatever I have in my hand.  Second, it’s more sociable than any other form of transport, and hence giving me the exciting opportunity to meet new people and familiar faces. The other benefits are sight seeing and making my mind more relaxed or refreshed.

I had just walked a few steps from the working place when a colleague offered me a lift to Stockport. I profoundly thanked him. “I would drop you at Stockport bus station,” he said. “That’s fine with me as long as I am in Stockport,” I replied. In less than twenty minutes I was in Stockport and trotting fast to catch the bus 192 that had just halted for few a couple of minutes, dropping off and whilst other people jumped aboard. I rushed in and smiled to the driver who was about drive off. I was about to flash my bus ticket when the bus driver told me to go and sit straight onto the bus and not to worry about the ticket. Immediately I went and sat on quietly. I pulled out my book from the bag and I began to read.  In the end I missed my real bus stop by one stop and it was because my mind was deeply engrossed in the work I was reading. Sometimes reading can move me to the pinnacle (s) of the mountains and I can reach the peak of mountain Everest without my legs being scratched and without leaving the comfort of my seat. It is the beauty of reading that drives me crazy.

It was when I dropped off from the bus when my nyctophobia or scotophobia began to accelerate. There was abundance of light where I was walking as I headed my way home but the nyctophobia feeling was greater in me than the faith that I always have. I began to realise that fear is the worst enemy of the human being. Like everything in the world “fear” have its pros and cons.  Fear is good for the alertness of real danger and sends the impulses to do the involuntary reaction. As I strolled on the foot pathway that leads to my home, my mind drifted to and fro. I pictured myself back into the times I used to travel in the bushes of Africa for miles and miles alone, hearing the sweet melodies of different species of birds and the sounds of different wild animals. I walked into the deep valleys, thick forest that at times these meandering, rocky foot pathways were canopied with gigantic trees. I could sing any song that excites me. These were the times I would visit friends and relatives that were remotely secluded from any means of transport. If they see any mode of transport in their villages it will be like Christmas for them. On these journeys I would have carried a bundle of parcels. It made my journeys a worthwhile and when friends and relatives received me. I would feel appreciated and they would feel special regardless of the size of the parcel.

I thought deeply of all the journeys that I travelled in the forest, the bushes of Africa, that there was neither a day nor a night I feared to travel own my own.  I was always filled with the joy when I am travelling and with less sense for exploring. So much pleasure would bottled inside me and it was always released when I began the voyage. I realised how much I was exposed to the danger of the wild animals, snakes, crocodiles and human beings that could have attacked me. But none of these things had ever set off my mind as I travelled solely in the bushes of Africa and blended well with nature. Here in the UK, I have to think twice before I go out, just fearing the unknown. UK is a very beautiful country with lovely resort areas, white sandy beaches, the exquisite architectural designed buildings and the list is endless but the streets are not as safe as the bushes of Africa.  They are lights and cameras everywhere you go but none of these things would give you the best protection nor making you immune  to the street crimes. They are a few dark spot areas but the streets are still not safe. Some bad people might think to mug you or face the worst. It may happen to you because you are at  the wrong place and  at the wrong time. It is ten percent of the population that tarnishes the streets of UK.

I once lived in a populated street. One evening an intruder broke the back door of my house and entered whilst I was asleep. He assumed that there was no one in the house since all the lights in my house were switched off. I was taken by surprise when I saw my bedroom door being opened slowly and my mind was racing a million times per second as I reclined on my bed. It was like watching a movie.  Who is the person? How did he enter the house? What does he want? What is going to happen next? Why is the person opening the door slowly? Did I leave my door unlocked? But when our eyes met he fled immediately and I was afraid to pursue him fearing that he might have a brought a gangster or he might use a dangerous weapon to attack me. The incidence left me traumatised, insecure, and defenceless and to worse matters the local police did not arrest the person even if there was overwhelming evidence. It was down watered. The place I was leaving before had a bad reputation and it is three miles away from the spot where the Indian student was shot during the Christmas time in December last year. Knife crime is still an issue and young people of ethnic minority being targeted. Their destinies curtailed as they lay in graves.


Do We Ever Learn?

It’s early in the morning. My heart beats so fast, so fast that I trembled with the fear. I saw the blood. I saw the maimed. I saw the disfigured faces. I saw the lifeless children. Crying for their parents whom they could not reach any longer. Between them there is a boundary that set them apart. The boundary of the life and the dead. I saw different parts of body scattered everywhere. I saw the widows and the widowers. I saw the orphans. I saw the desolate ones. I saw the shunned faces. I saw the tears that filled the seas and the oceans. I heard the disembodied thundering voice from the spirit realm saying stop the massacre. Stop the killing. Stop the torture. Let’s the world be at peace. For the voice had asked me a question. Do we ever learn? It is a corrupted world, and power corrupts.

What a world we live in? A world that is full of hatred. A world of constant battles and wars. What are they fighting for? Fighting for territorial, fighting for power, Fighting for gold and oil, Fighting because they have superior guns, fighting for democracy. What is democracy? When there is bloodshed every day. People perished in hundreds and in thousands. What is their crime? To face such brutality. To be maimed, and left motherless, fatherless. Day in and day out they cried. But no one heard their cries. Their homesteads are now ruins and their fields are now tombs. Their children lay in these tombs. Their children’s destiny curtailed. Their children they envisaged them growing, educated, married and having their lives. All these efforts fell into drainage. Do we ever learn?

The devious experience of World War 1 and World War 2 did not stop them to turn their guns away. Millions and millions of people died. Is the gun the solution for all the problems that people faced in the world? I wonder? It is the gun that has left people dead, miserably, suicidal, traumatic, and homeless. The scars are inexorably. Healing is a long process. But the inferno is inexcusable. Together, standing in one accord we can win this war. For the battle does not belong to us but to God. In peace we can conquer this war. For my bible says love your neighbour as you love yourself. Stop the war and Stop the killing. Shun the gun away. Away from the children and away from all the people. Hide it and destroy it for it is not good for the people. It is not good for the world. Its works are deadly. Its mechanism doesn’t fit for purpose. For it has injured so many souls. Many souls have been left breeding. Breeding to death. O Gun, Do we ever learn?

The man I love; Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

He is the man of my dream, a man of valour. I think of him everyday. His boldness. His love.  In him I found love, hope, endurance and perseverance. He is true to me. He guarded me in so many areas and showed me places of high and low. He became distinguishable in my life. I couldn’t resist him. His courage and enthusiasm surpasses all that I faced everyday. He is the most genuine man I ever seen. Many times we have cracked lively conversations, laughed in places that are forbidden to talk. But because of him the world could not stop us. Our relationship is so intimate; so intimate that nothing in this world could break us. I saw myself as highly favoured lady to have this man in my life. Secretly we wedded in our hearts. My eyes glowed with love every moment that I see him. He embraced me with knowledge. He kissed me with the lips of knowledge. He protected me from darkness and guided me into light..

Step by step he taught me how to love, how to speak with wisdom, how to understand the world I live, how to appreciate little things, how to grasp knowledge and use it wisely. He taught me in-depth things that I never knew they existed. Day in and day out he inspired me. I cherished every moment that I am with him. He is invaluable. This man is a man of my dream. No one can take him away from me. Voraciously I took him in. Voraciously I read every word he whispered to me. The inspirational teacher. He taught me words of wisdom. How I love to be loved with this man. A man of integrity.

Who said love cannot be found? Love can be found anywhere. Love can be found in hopeless places. Between him and me there is a strong bond. The bond that is stronger than double-edged sword. I touched him, stroked him, felt him every day of my life and I carried him everywhere I go. I loved his smells. The smells of dusty, musty, mouldy-paper like dry and pleasant aromatic smell. He fulfilled my desires, and quenched the insatiable appetite that I had for him. Slowly we moulded together. I have travelled with him anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of my chair. I have visited the land of milk and honey without getting even my feet wet. His name is so special to me. So special that I called him Book. The man I love..

I Love Reading!!

Reading is in my blood and it is in my bones. I am very much possessive of books that every where I go I have to carry books depending on how long I am going to stay. But everyday of my life I read a book, reading on the bus, reading on the plane, reading on the train, reading on the beach, reading in the park, reading in my house and reading in the library. Reading brings a lot of enjoyment to me and so many times I have laughed loudly to the extent that some people (strangers) wanted to know what I was reading. Some people laughed with me even they didn’t know what I was laughing at because laughing can be infectious.

Information of my reading background.

I grew up in Wedza, which is one of the rural areas in Zimbabwe.  The nearest school was 4 kilometres or 2.485miles away. I went to school at the age of seven. I did not know how to read or write but my new teacher taught me both skills. She had a habit of giving me some homework. If she forgot I had to go and compel her to give me something to do at home. My notebook was tiny and my eldest brother had made this special for me. These extra assignments made me to grasp knowledge quickly and my grade one teacher was very impressed with my performance. She started to believe in my strength and my ability and that I could assist other children in class who were very slow learners. It made me proud and boosted my confidence and self –esteem.

I have to highlight that at home all my family speaks Shona, which is our first language. Everywhere at home it was just Shona conversations and even after school with my friends. I only grasped English through learning at school and reading textbooks. So it was hard for me to master English quickly unlike children who were born in a family that spoke English. As for me I had insatiable appetite for English. I had to confess that I have made some endless grammatical, punctuation and many more in English mistakes. At some stage people laughed at me but it never stopped me  loving English. At home one of my late brothers used to encourage me to read any material that I may come across. “It doesn’t matter whether the material is outdated and looking tattered,” said my brother. At times I picked up some very old tattered newspapers and read a few lines written in English.

 Reading opened up my mind.

Little did I know that by reading I am learning, expanding my vocabulary, stimulating my brains, helping my brains to remain sharper even to the old age, by reading I am exercising  it. If you don’t exercise your brain it will begin to fail. We have heard so many times that if you don’t exercise your body your muscles will decline. The same goes with your mind. If it isn’t exercised regularly through your reading or studying, it, too, will begin to deteriorate.

The importance of reading or the benefits of reading.

Reading is an important part of learning. It does not only keeps us informed about the world around us but also provides intellectual stimulation and helps keep us mentally sharp. It gives enjoyment and exposure to ideas far beyond our everyday experiences, makes you think, opens your imagination and  your attention span becomes larger. Reading offers benefits not found in more “passive” media but gives brain a much better work out than does watching television. By watching TV we are taking information in a passive way. But reading allows the mind to pause, think, and reflect. Reading about a subject provides more comprehensive information than watching.

With reading I can travel anywhere in the world and in time without leaving the comfort of my chair. I can visit the fantasy realm with JRR Tolkien or solve a treacherous mystery with Agatha Christie. When I read I can experience all sort of adventures without even getting my feet wet. Recently I learnt something new about Bibliotherapy.


Bibliotherapy is a new form of medical treatment used to treat non-emergency mental illness. Here in the United Kingdom (UK) bibliotherapy is a recommended treatment used by therapist to treat patients with depression and other disorders. The unique therapy works by having the patient read prescribed self-help books to deal with their illness. It was discovered that reading a book and other cognitive activities could decrease the risk of mid cognitive impairment (MCI). MCI is associated with Alzheimer’s decease. I also came to understand that an active brain uses more oxygen and also with some benefits of reading it also causes your brain to work harder and builds stronger brain cell connection. Above all reading promotes more activity in the language area of the brain.

 Parents motivate your children through reading

I will explain that the children benefit from reading  at many levels. It is good for a parent to actively stimulate your child’s brain by sharing reading time with them. Interactive reading time creates a shared bond between parent and a child along with provoking a child’s natural curiosity about the world and environment.

Giving a child a chance to ask questions, express  their opinions on a particular topic, hear new vocabulary, ideas, and forms a positive impression on a child that lasts a lifetime. Children with poor reading skills have a tendency to feel more anxiously and sad.

I hope by reading my article I have left you inspired or empowered. Let a book be a number one friend of yours. Remember not to judge the book by its cover. It might open a golden tunnel for you. Knowledge is power but grab it and use it wisely. As for me I will never cease reading. I am truly addicted and hope in future it will take me to another higher dimension that I would share with you. Get inspired and get going.