I Love Reading!!

Reading is in my blood and it is in my bones. I am very much possessive of books that every where I go I have to carry books depending on how long I am going to stay. But everyday of my life I read a book, reading on the bus, reading on the plane, reading on the train, reading on the beach, reading in the park, reading in my house and reading in the library. Reading brings a lot of enjoyment to me and so many times I have laughed loudly to the extent that some people (strangers) wanted to know what I was reading. Some people laughed with me even they didn’t know what I was laughing at because laughing can be infectious.

Information of my reading background.

I grew up in Wedza, which is one of the rural areas in Zimbabwe.  The nearest school was 4 kilometres or 2.485miles away. I went to school at the age of seven. I did not know how to read or write but my new teacher taught me both skills. She had a habit of giving me some homework. If she forgot I had to go and compel her to give me something to do at home. My notebook was tiny and my eldest brother had made this special for me. These extra assignments made me to grasp knowledge quickly and my grade one teacher was very impressed with my performance. She started to believe in my strength and my ability and that I could assist other children in class who were very slow learners. It made me proud and boosted my confidence and self –esteem.

I have to highlight that at home all my family speaks Shona, which is our first language. Everywhere at home it was just Shona conversations and even after school with my friends. I only grasped English through learning at school and reading textbooks. So it was hard for me to master English quickly unlike children who were born in a family that spoke English. As for me I had insatiable appetite for English. I had to confess that I have made some endless grammatical, punctuation and many more in English mistakes. At some stage people laughed at me but it never stopped me  loving English. At home one of my late brothers used to encourage me to read any material that I may come across. “It doesn’t matter whether the material is outdated and looking tattered,” said my brother. At times I picked up some very old tattered newspapers and read a few lines written in English.

 Reading opened up my mind.

Little did I know that by reading I am learning, expanding my vocabulary, stimulating my brains, helping my brains to remain sharper even to the old age, by reading I am exercising  it. If you don’t exercise your brain it will begin to fail. We have heard so many times that if you don’t exercise your body your muscles will decline. The same goes with your mind. If it isn’t exercised regularly through your reading or studying, it, too, will begin to deteriorate.

The importance of reading or the benefits of reading.

Reading is an important part of learning. It does not only keeps us informed about the world around us but also provides intellectual stimulation and helps keep us mentally sharp. It gives enjoyment and exposure to ideas far beyond our everyday experiences, makes you think, opens your imagination and  your attention span becomes larger. Reading offers benefits not found in more “passive” media but gives brain a much better work out than does watching television. By watching TV we are taking information in a passive way. But reading allows the mind to pause, think, and reflect. Reading about a subject provides more comprehensive information than watching.

With reading I can travel anywhere in the world and in time without leaving the comfort of my chair. I can visit the fantasy realm with JRR Tolkien or solve a treacherous mystery with Agatha Christie. When I read I can experience all sort of adventures without even getting my feet wet. Recently I learnt something new about Bibliotherapy.


Bibliotherapy is a new form of medical treatment used to treat non-emergency mental illness. Here in the United Kingdom (UK) bibliotherapy is a recommended treatment used by therapist to treat patients with depression and other disorders. The unique therapy works by having the patient read prescribed self-help books to deal with their illness. It was discovered that reading a book and other cognitive activities could decrease the risk of mid cognitive impairment (MCI). MCI is associated with Alzheimer’s decease. I also came to understand that an active brain uses more oxygen and also with some benefits of reading it also causes your brain to work harder and builds stronger brain cell connection. Above all reading promotes more activity in the language area of the brain.

 Parents motivate your children through reading

I will explain that the children benefit from reading  at many levels. It is good for a parent to actively stimulate your child’s brain by sharing reading time with them. Interactive reading time creates a shared bond between parent and a child along with provoking a child’s natural curiosity about the world and environment.

Giving a child a chance to ask questions, express  their opinions on a particular topic, hear new vocabulary, ideas, and forms a positive impression on a child that lasts a lifetime. Children with poor reading skills have a tendency to feel more anxiously and sad.

I hope by reading my article I have left you inspired or empowered. Let a book be a number one friend of yours. Remember not to judge the book by its cover. It might open a golden tunnel for you. Knowledge is power but grab it and use it wisely. As for me I will never cease reading. I am truly addicted and hope in future it will take me to another higher dimension that I would share with you. Get inspired and get going.



  1. Here I am! At your suggestion, I visited your blog and read this wonderful post of how reading transformed your life. It’s so wonderful to know you are from Zimbabwe. I have always been very interested in Africa, although I’ve never visited that continent. I’ve always enjoyed meeting people from Africa, as I’m awed by their cultures and histories. My husband and I sponsor two young African girls through World Vision. One girl is in Rwanda, the other girl lives in Tanzania. I feel a connection in my heart to Africa and its people.

    I was interested in your description of bibliotherapy. This concept makes perfect sense. More American doctors should employ this approach to healing.

    Speaking of books and Africa, I liked the book, “Out of Africa”, by Isaak Dinessen. There was a film made around 1985 based on the book. It starred the actress Meryl Streep and the actor Robert Redford in the leading roles. Wonderful book, wonderful movie!

  2. God Bless your souls. You are wonderful people. This kind of help you offer, God will reward you, for your work will not go unnoticed. Keep it up!

    I am glad you enjoyed the way I described bibliotherapy. It also made sense when I first read it. More doctors across the globe should apply this approach to healing.

    I never read the book “Out of Africa,” but I am certainly going to look for it.

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