The man I love; Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

He is the man of my dream, a man of valour. I think of him everyday. His boldness. His love.  In him I found love, hope, endurance and perseverance. He is true to me. He guarded me in so many areas and showed me places of high and low. He became distinguishable in my life. I couldn’t resist him. His courage and enthusiasm surpasses all that I faced everyday. He is the most genuine man I ever seen. Many times we have cracked lively conversations, laughed in places that are forbidden to talk. But because of him the world could not stop us. Our relationship is so intimate; so intimate that nothing in this world could break us. I saw myself as highly favoured lady to have this man in my life. Secretly we wedded in our hearts. My eyes glowed with love every moment that I see him. He embraced me with knowledge. He kissed me with the lips of knowledge. He protected me from darkness and guided me into light..

Step by step he taught me how to love, how to speak with wisdom, how to understand the world I live, how to appreciate little things, how to grasp knowledge and use it wisely. He taught me in-depth things that I never knew they existed. Day in and day out he inspired me. I cherished every moment that I am with him. He is invaluable. This man is a man of my dream. No one can take him away from me. Voraciously I took him in. Voraciously I read every word he whispered to me. The inspirational teacher. He taught me words of wisdom. How I love to be loved with this man. A man of integrity.

Who said love cannot be found? Love can be found anywhere. Love can be found in hopeless places. Between him and me there is a strong bond. The bond that is stronger than double-edged sword. I touched him, stroked him, felt him every day of my life and I carried him everywhere I go. I loved his smells. The smells of dusty, musty, mouldy-paper like dry and pleasant aromatic smell. He fulfilled my desires, and quenched the insatiable appetite that I had for him. Slowly we moulded together. I have travelled with him anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of my chair. I have visited the land of milk and honey without getting even my feet wet. His name is so special to me. So special that I called him Book. The man I love..


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  1. I don’t know what is it but I know that something inspired me this afternoon as I walked about in my kitchen. Words started to flow and I rushed to grab a piece of paper to jot down all the words. I said to myself when I am free tonight and being myself I am going to write this article. I started writing by seven thirty and by nine 0’clock, I had finished. Revising and editing it. I would always want my fans to leave some comments. Please feel free and I will be encouraged with your comments.

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