Do We Ever Learn?

It’s early in the morning. My heart beats so fast, so fast that I trembled with the fear. I saw the blood. I saw the maimed. I saw the disfigured faces. I saw the lifeless children. Crying for their parents whom they could not reach any longer. Between them there is a boundary that set them apart. The boundary of the life and the dead. I saw different parts of body scattered everywhere. I saw the widows and the widowers. I saw the orphans. I saw the desolate ones. I saw the shunned faces. I saw the tears that filled the seas and the oceans. I heard the disembodied thundering voice from the spirit realm saying stop the massacre. Stop the killing. Stop the torture. Let’s the world be at peace. For the voice had asked me a question. Do we ever learn? It is a corrupted world, and power corrupts.

What a world we live in? A world that is full of hatred. A world of constant battles and wars. What are they fighting for? Fighting for territorial, fighting for power, Fighting for gold and oil, Fighting because they have superior guns, fighting for democracy. What is democracy? When there is bloodshed every day. People perished in hundreds and in thousands. What is their crime? To face such brutality. To be maimed, and left motherless, fatherless. Day in and day out they cried. But no one heard their cries. Their homesteads are now ruins and their fields are now tombs. Their children lay in these tombs. Their children’s destiny curtailed. Their children they envisaged them growing, educated, married and having their lives. All these efforts fell into drainage. Do we ever learn?

The devious experience of World War 1 and World War 2 did not stop them to turn their guns away. Millions and millions of people died. Is the gun the solution for all the problems that people faced in the world? I wonder? It is the gun that has left people dead, miserably, suicidal, traumatic, and homeless. The scars are inexorably. Healing is a long process. But the inferno is inexcusable. Together, standing in one accord we can win this war. For the battle does not belong to us but to God. In peace we can conquer this war. For my bible says love your neighbour as you love yourself. Stop the war and Stop the killing. Shun the gun away. Away from the children and away from all the people. Hide it and destroy it for it is not good for the people. It is not good for the world. Its works are deadly. Its mechanism doesn’t fit for purpose. For it has injured so many souls. Many souls have been left breeding. Breeding to death. O Gun, Do we ever learn?


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  1. It’s early in the morning. I could not go to bed for my heart wants to write. Inspired by the surroundings. The words began to flow. I wrote each word as it came by. Surprisingly I found it good and what I felt had been declared out. Declared out from my inner thoughts and to share with you. Be blessed as you read my inner thoughts.

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