Smart Animals and Birds

I followed an interesting documentary programme on BBC1 about Smart Animals.  I only grabbed this opportunity by chance because I was likely to miss it if I have not accidentally press the guide menu. It was absolutely exquisite to watch from the beginning to the end. I was left inspired from what I have learnt from these Smart animals and birds.  It was totally ingenious.

I came to a conclusion that if humans were able to communicate with animals and, this world would be a better place. There is kind of harmony when humans communicate with animals.  On this documentary programme different experiments were set up to see how the animals and birds would sort out different problems. The same experiments were placed upon human beings and find out how they would deal with the same problems. Interestingly there were some experiments, which human beings have failed to deliver but the animals came up with a solution in less than thirty seconds.

Every animal and bird had impressed me. The African, parrot, Alex, was able to communicate effectively. He was able to name and identify the colours, what the material is made of and even to say which material was bigger than the other. Some birds were deceptive in their ways of thinking hence probably it is their way of living. I would cite an example of different bird specie.  It was given two pieces of bread. My first instincts were that it was going to eat it immediately but surprisingly it just stared the bread for a while. After a long a pause it picked up one the pieces of bread and took to a nearby stream and dropped inside.  Immediately a shore of fish appeared and started eating the bread. This was the time for the bird that waited patiently started to catch fish easily using its beak. It caught two fish at a time and throws them on the grass. In less than few minutes it had caught a lot of fish. Its cunning behaviour did not stop there but it went and collected the second small piece of bread and dropped on another different sport to bait the fish. What happened next surprised me, a very big fish came up to eat the bread and the clever bird saw it and realised that it has less power to kill the big fish, so it quickly picked up the bread from water and dropped it the on another spot and the little fish came to eat. On this episode the bird taught me to maximise what you have. It might look so small, appealing to use at first glance but if you wait patiently that simple thing may catch bigger things for you.

There are so many intriguing scenes that I saw on that programme and which I could narrate to you for you to see the bigger picture of  how intelligent these creatures are but I can not but only to highlight. It is just the beginning of the ongoing documentary and the next episode is there next week. Check date from BBC programmes and stay tuned. I shall also bring up my early hood experiences with these animals and birds.

For the mean time I say to you, name it, know its colour, what is it made of, is it bigger or smaller, it is appealing to eat or use it now and could you wait patiently and use it wisely to catch up big “fish” in your life. There you will never go hungry like my little friend bird that I saw on the TV.


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