I had visited Morrison with my other working colleagues the other day. We had our lunch with the client we were looking after. We were about to leave the supermarket when I noticed a pile of magazine just near the exit door. It was the title that drawn me to it and, the title Bibliophile written in capitals. Since it was free of charge, I grabbed one.

 I quickly browse through and discovered that the Bibliophile magazine had a list of an eclectic and diverse range of rare and popular sellers, favourite authors and enduring classics – the most unusual and exciting books in over 30 topics which you would normally never get to see.  These books are on bargain offers. The books prizes ranges  from £2.50 to £300. The good thing you are well-informed about the contents of the book (s) hence it makes easier to choose what you like.

Bibliophile is a person who loves books or collects book like me. I found myself ordering one. You might be interested in these books. I am going to make this simple for you by giving out the website which is as follows: You can telephone them on 020 74 74 24 74 or visit them on Bibliophile Books Unit 5 Datapoint Business Centre, 6 South Crescent, London, E16 4TL. I hope you will this information very useful.


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