I have found love!!!

It seemed like yesterday when I met this man. We chatted on the bus. Little did we know that we have something in common? He came over and sat next to me. He smiled broadly as he greeted me. His eyes affectionately gazed on me. His hands tightly holding mine.  It disoriented his heart just to release his hands from mine for he felt in his heart that he had finally found love. Little did I know that our bonds had drawn together? I just thought it’s a normal chat for I am a very sociable person. “Thank you for meeting you but I am getting off.” “Getting off?” He exclaimed. “Yes on the next stop.” Quickly he pulled out his phone and scribbled my number.  I left the bus and I saw him barely leaving his eyes on me. He lovingly waved his hands and blew a kiss. I reciprocated in the same manner. I had barely walked when my BlackBerry phone went beep twice, a red light signalling a received message. The message reads; Euna I think you are a lovely person and very beautiful well. I am off to the football today but would love to spend some time with you later. Have a lovely day.xxx  “ Gosh! I exclaimed. “ You have a lovely personality and very pleasant. Thank God for you. Enjoy your football. Talk to you later”, I replied him back.

He texted me back and said he liked me very much and that I have got beautiful eyes. He confessed that when he held me he did not want me to go. With this in mind I proceeded with my journey to church.  After church I never dared to call my new friend as I had promised and neither did he called me back. I concluded it was just a chat on the bus for I had come familiar with these chats. Instead I spent my time with my friend S and she drove me to her home. We spent the day chatting. At eight in the evening I left her house and went back to mine.

The following day I baked some cakes for friends and later I called my old closet friend that I was feeling lonely and bored. Then I hinted him that I was going to see some of my old mates that I haven’t seen for ages.  It was thirty minutes later after I have spoken to one of my friends when my new friend texted me a message. In his message he was practically free and that we could meet either at his house or mine. It was already 3pm and I was on my way to visit old mates. I texted him back and I said to him I wish you had sent that message an hour earlier because I am on my way to see some of my friends.  Later I thought deeply about it and I decided that I should give this new friend of mine an opportunity to know each other. I send him another message that I would make my way to his home after seeing my mates. He quickly responded and said that he was grateful that I was making an effort to come and see him. He promised he would look after me well. Our conversation continued and he sent details of his address and the bus number I should board that leads to his home.

After seeing my old mates I bade farewell and proceeded with my journey to see my new friend.  He was already waiting for me on the bus stop. He warmly greeted me and took my hands in his and led me to his beautiful home. His eyes never left mine. We stepped in his flat. It was breathtaking and absolutely exquisite. My new friend welcomed me in his house and made me to feel at home. We chatted animatedly and loved every moment we shared together. Time flew past quickly and I bade him farewell. He accompanied me to the bus stop and I went to my place. My new friend never ceased sending loving messages. We had met again for second time and I feel happier and happier every minute I spent with him. He is very loving, caring, and adoring. I feel loved every day and I can’t thank God enough for him, for he has brought this new friend in my life when my heart was so desolate, but today I have found a tender loving shoulder to lean on. Our relationship is blossoming well and it all seems like yesterday. I just pray that God’s favour will fall on us and lead this relationship to a beautiful marriage.