Cream Cakes

 In the past few people had asked me to do the cream cakes but recently the number has increased. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing flavours on different cakes. So many people like cream cakes and recently I have been introducing new flavours on to my cakes and my friends finishes the cakes quickly.  I will show you some of the cakes that  I have done in the past.


Barbie Doll Cake Challenges.

I love baking and decorating cakes. Its therapeutic and it gives me joy everyday. I have received thousands of testimonies how delicious are my cakes. It makes me keep going and I love every minute I spend on cake decoration.  I have been challenged to make different cakes with my customers and I lived up to it for each day is different experience. Sometime I went to an African Caribbean restaurant, in Moston, a young girl of seven saw my cake album and she asked if I could make a birthday cake for her. I told her I could only do it if she asked her parents. “Dad, can she make my birthday cake for me?” she enquired immediately. “Well, when it’s your birthday time will order from her,” he replied back. In the end the family took my contact number and I left their restaurant. Three months later I received a phone call, a woman ‘s voice. “Hello, I am calling on behalf on my daughter.  She saw your cake sometime when you came to our restaurant. She wants a Barbie doll cake for her birthday, could you make one for her and how much would charge?” I appreciated her call and accepted that I was going to make a Barbie doll cake for her daughter but I never mentioned to her that I never did a Barbie doll cake. I believe on rising up to challenges. This was my challenge, and I ran around to get the right equipment for baking.

After baking, I had to think how creative I was going to be to make the cake looking beautiful for the little princess. I spend two hours playing with the icing sugar until one of my creativity proved it was going to be the best and I applied it on the cake. It looked gorgeous the moment I finished it. I  felt relieved and I couldn’t wait to show my clients what a Barbie doll cake I had came up with. A friend of mine came and drove me to deliver the cake to my clients. Upon seeing the cake, the mother of the little girl, refused to accept that personally I had made the cake. It was stunning beautiful and I feel the pride in me. My friend who drove me there had to confirm on my behalf that I was the very person who had made the Barbie doll cake. “She is professional,” my friend told her “and she had done some beautiful wedding cake in the past.”  The mother of the little girl was so happy, so happy that she topped with more money than I had charged her earlier.

Last year another family a very close friends of mine asked me to make Barbie doll cakes for their little girls. I made the cake on different days so were there birthdays. It was the second Barbie doll cake that made the other of my friend to be jealous because she thought the second one I did for our friend’s daughter was more beautiful than I did for her little girl. I didn’t believe so because I had put the same amount of effort in each cake.