Sweet Dreams!!

Death is something that we as human beings cannot cope up with. It brings a lot of sorrow in us. It takes a long process to heal the broken hearts when our beloved one left this world forever. We wish we could speak to them and ask whether they had travelled well and that they are in peace? Nobody likes death but it is there. When I write this article I think of many of my beloved ones that I lost and it made my heart ache because the pain is a torture and sometimes people can be haunted, traumatised, depressed and suicidal. Last year in early September I was coming from work when a long time friend called me. I picked up my phone and I was utterly shocked when I got to know one of my dear sisters had passed away. We were not blood related but this lovely lady I came to know her four years ago. Since the day I came to know her we became close and I began to know her family members of which she introduced me to them. She treated me like her young sister. On my birthdays she would buy anything lovely for me and even today I still have some lovely  materials she had bought for me as my birthday presents.

 My sister Grace was so lovely and always committed to Christian values. She loved to worship God. She would call me for conferences and even for some weekly middle prayers. My first time visiting at her house I felt the presence of Holy Spirit in her house and I conveyed the message to some people whom I came with to her house. At that time I had no knowledge of whether Sister Grace was a Christian, but the more I got to know her the more I came to know how intimate her relationship was with God. She was hard working, loving, caring, adoring, and humbled to earth. Her untimely death came as a shock. She was still young in her early fifties. She passed away silently in her house without anybody knowing her fate. It took five days to discover that Sister Grace was no more. It was an excruciating moments that were felt with friends, family and the community. Neither did I could comprehend it. The last time I had seen her was less than two months and she came to my house with her young sister and asked me to make two cakes for their two grandchildren. We had a wonderful time together and little did we know that these were our last moments together.

Her funeral went well as we all celebrated her life. On that day I brought a cake that I had made specifically for her and it was shared among the mourners. What could I have said to woman who called herself a woman of few words? I only uttered the words “Sweet Dreams,” Sister Grace.