Stockport is a lovely beautiful town, positioned at 157miles northwest of London. It stands on elevated ground of 6.1 miles southeast of Manchester City Centre, at the confluence of rivers Goyt and Tame, creating river Mersey. It shares a common ground with City of Manchester. It is one of the wealthiest towns in northwest and a vast number of millionaires reside in Stockport. Stockport with wealth goes hand in hand. If we drift back over the centuries we found that in the 16th century was a very small town entirely on the South bank of Mersey and the known the cultivation of hemp and rope manufacturer. In the 18th centuries, Stockport had one of the first merchandised silked factories in the British Isles. It had major industries of the 19th century were the cotton allied industries. Stockport was the pioneer of the hat industry, a hat industry that became a “gold mining” as the demand exacerbates and enabled them to export over six million hats per year all over the world, creating thousand of job opportunities, as the labourers worked laboriously to produce high quality material. The last hat works halted in 1997. Currently the town’s hatting heritage is preserved at the Hat works the museum of Stockport.

There are some predominantly outstanding features that associates with Stockport, they are found on the western side of the town are commonly known as viaduct 27 brick arches which were built in 1840, and they carry the mainline railways from Manchester to Birmingham and London over the river Mersey.

On sport, a finest tennis player, Fred Perry, was born in Stockport. He was the last Briton to win the Men’s singles titles at Wimbledon and US open in 1936 making him the last British male to win a Grand Slam title.

Today Stockport is a vibrant community that has appreciated diversity in its communities and ready to put its name on the map as it move with dynamism in today’s world.


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