The Olympic Torch Flames in Stockport!!!

Olympic Flame 37

Olympic Flame

As hundreds of thousands people shall be flocking on the streets of Stockport today, and upon that hour at zero eight hundred the light shall shine up in Stockport. The Olympic torch will flame in near the Belmont Bridge on Wellington Road North travelling along the A6 route and turn onto New Moor lane, as it passes through Hazel Grove going towards Bramhall. Leaving the borough via Pepper Rd at Nine forty. It ‘s a tremendous lifetime landmark that every body in Stockport should come and witness a historical event on their doorstep. I believe to others it shall be life-changing opportunity. I am going to participate as a voluntary community reporter and gather the thoughts of the day. To bring a resounding lively communication to you the reader and enjoy with us as we celebrate the coming of the Olympic torch in Stockport and permitting  it to pass to other boroughs. Maybe tomorrow it’s you and you might want to rejoice with the world your own lifetime experiences. Sharing in good thoughts is the best medicine.

Ignition of Olympic Flame from one torch to another. A6 Rd/ New Moor Lane

The Stockport people watched as the lovely granddad run with the Olympic Torch

Stockport residence standing on the A6, right in front of Sainsburys

A loving family came to watch a life time historic event on their doorstep.

The Davies family’s baby with an infectious smile spreading on her lips.

Police motorcade as it glided through the New Moor Lane

Waiting for the true moments to be ignited by another OlympicT orch Bearer

On a small note I would like to apologise for the wrong date and time when this event took place . My camera inserted the wrong times. I  was on A6 and New Moor lane from  8 O’clock to 9:15 am on today’s date the 24th of June 2012.  I took all the pictures and videos today.


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