“The Higher You Go The Cooler It Becomes!!”

A certain young man in Harare, Zimbabwe, invited his friend from rural areas to visit him in Harare for holidays. The friend in the rural area accepted  the invitation. He was over the moon with happiness  as the invitation mark his first voyage into the cities which he had dreamed of and heard people talked about. In  a way he was grateful to have such a wonderful friend who always thought of him. It took him some months to prepare for the journey mentally and physically. He imagined or visualised how the Harare City would look like and ended up smiling when these loving thoughts floated in his mind.

Finally the day came up and the rural boy saw himself travelling to Harare for the first time in his life.  He bade farewell to his family as he clambered onto the bus  and the family waved back and wished the best of all lucky on his journey. He smiled and the bus roared for two hundred miles into the city. He found his friend waiting for him at the bus terminus. The two hugged and patted each other on their shoulders as the emotions of reuniting took over. The city guy took his friend to his flat which he shared with other residents. He prepared the meal and chatted animatedly till wee hours. “It is time to go bed”, his  city friend announced as he closed all the windows and bring the curtains down. Silently the country folk followed his ghetto friend into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, the friend changed into his pyjamas and gave a new pair to his rural friend who was astonished to find out there are clothes to be worn at sleeping time.  He was used to sleep naked or to sleep on his everyday clothes. His friend called him to come bed and sleep next to him. “No, no, I can not sleep on the bed,” he spoke with a defiant tone. “Why not?”  the city guy asked his friend with an inquisitive tone. The answer he got he had never expected it in a million times. “I just learnt recently, he blurted out, eerh that….  “that a bed is for a man and a woman to share” the city folk said as  he interrupted his country folk. They two friends laughed. “No, no. I just learnt recently from my geography teacher that the higher you go the cooler it becomes.  The city folk exploded in laughter as his friend watched him in awe.