Free Grants and Funding for Loft and Wall Cavity Insulation!!!…. Rush for it while the stock lasts!!!.

I am carrying a basketful of good message for you to benefit. I felt I should let everyone know and because so many people are very sceptical if someone says it’s completely free? I do understand them because some people have been duped in the past believing it’s completely free only to realise they were going to pay probably loads of money after a contract or deal has been sealed believing it was entirely free. It has happened to me before and I felt cheated and I paid a hefty bride prize for being fooled. It happens because there are some rogue people out there who wants to get rich quickly. They go out and trick people, because majority of us wants things for free and the cost is higher than you would have bought it.

My message is simple and on my spare time I work closely with the government as a Free Energy Surveyor, helping people to secure free grants and funding for loft and cavity wall insulation. The government had made a direct mandate to all energy suppliers to insulate all houses in UK and it’s not happening in this nation alone but to the rest of Europe.

Who will Benefit?

  • Everyone in UK has to benefit from these grants and the funding.The people who live in council and housing association houses I would say to you if your house is not insulated it is the responsibility of the council and the housing association to make sure your house is insulated.

What is a cavity wall?

  • Most modern houses are generally constructed of two masonry walls (brick or block), with at least 50mm air gap or “cavity” in between them.

What are the advantages of Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation?

  • Around a third of all heat lost in an un-insulated homes is lost through walls.
  • Cavity wall insulation is one of the best to reduce the amount of energy you need to heat your home. In a year you have saved between £120-£150.
  • Keeps your house warmer.
  • Reduces the cost of your bills.
  • Reduces carbon emission and
  • It increases the value of your property.

I am not the homeowner I am renting(private tenants) do I qualify for the grants?

Private tenants you automatically qualify as long that house needs a loft insulation or a cavity wall insulation. Why? The reasons being that you are the one who is currently staying in that house and paying high bills because the house is not insulated. Most of you, you huddled or wrap up yourselves with blankets to keep yourselves warm especially in this season of wintertime. To secure the grants you simply need the permission of your landlord in form of a letter and his signature. You may be on any benefit such as  job seeker allowance, child tax benefit, pension, disability allowance and still you qualify for free as long you provide a valid evidence of your benefit letter.

Do Landlords qualify?

Landlords you qualify even if you have hundreds of houses and there are tenants living in your properties. The name that secures the grant is for the tenant living on that particular address. You only sign the landlord agreement form and it is done. After all it’s your property that is going to increase value once insulated. So don’t be mean when your tenants ask for your permission because you  would be  the one to benefit more and hence you would want the comfort of your tenant to live happily without catching pneumonia by proving a warm home. Remember a customer is always a King.

How do you know that you loft need insulation?

  • Go in your loft today with a camera.
  • Take few pictures of your loft in different sides.
  • When the picture shows floor joist or plank exposed it shows that it needs to be insulated. The loft automatically qualifies for free grant and the funding.
  • Some houses are  insulated ten to twenty years back. There is a high need for them to be insulated.
  • There is new regulation that all houses should be insulated to a thickness of 200mm.
  • So if it’s 60mm -120mm. It definitely needs to be insulated or topped up.

As a Free Energy Surveyor, I would come to your house regardless of the postcode and have a survey in your loft or on your external walls. Not all walls need to be insulated because some have a solid wall like of Yorkshire bricks. If it needs to be insulated I will let you know at that particular time. I will take specific measurements for your loft and house and the rest is finished on the paper and secure you a free grant and funding the very moment. Some had always wanted to kiss me because they felt I was like an angel brought to their house at the right time and they are happily enjoying the fruits of insulated houses and cut down their bills. Some people had always screamed with happiness the moment I stepped at their doorsteps: “You are welcome in our house and we have been waiting for you for a long time” I feel the appreciation and the need to help.

Loft that need to be insulated.

Loft that need to be insulated.

It is food for thought to live in a cold house and get pneumonia or live in a warm house and live happily ever after.

Send me pictures of your loft on my phone or Facebook and your contact number. You can inbox me. Email: Send me pictures of your lofts. I will respond to you. Procrastination is the thief of time. Do it now if you can? Opportunity like this should not be missed after I have fully explained to you the benefits. If you live in a council house or housing association, please do not contact me but get in touch with your council or the housing association. Thank you and hopefully you have benefited something from reading this article.(Greater Manchester, Liverpool, I am your neighbour. Call me you will get the fastest results) Other post codes you are freely to call me. (Landlords and letting agents be in touch with me.)



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