The Indolent Boy. What is wrong with him?

Once upon a time in a tiny village of Bizoh, lived a very rich man who had a son. The man loved his son that he almost did everything for him as he grew up. The father pampered his son in every aspect. The son grew up knowingly that everything is spoon sped. He never thought other people would sweat to earn a good living. He enjoyed the life and so it as a blessing. He could not imagine anything out of this cocoon life; even going to the toilet he had servants who would take him. Some servants would wait until he finished and clean him. The servants did not mind as long they were earning their living. In most cases they would do anything including dressing and taking him out.

One night his father was sitting alone, and the big man was thinking deeply of his son, as he rocked his chair. A good thought had visited him that it was time for his son to get married. He wanted his son to marry a beautiful girl and in his heart he had one girl in his mind, and she was his friend’s daughter and the family lived a few miles from their village. The girl was envy of every man. She was incredibly beautiful, and some men regretted for marrying early and they thought they would have chances to snap this jackpot. On this night the big man smiled broadly, as he imagined this girl being his daughter-in-law, and envisaged how beautifully would be his grand children. The big man stood up and danced with the joy. He would make his son a proud man, an envy of other men, he thought as he punched his chest, which was punctuated with a deeper laughter. He went to bed with full of joy.

The following day he called his friend and explained his intentions over the phone. He amused the father of the girl. He never thought his friend would want his daughter to be his daughter-in-law, somehow these two old friends they led different lives. The father of the girl was a working class but his friend was more of bourgeois. He agreed to terms and condition of lobola. This big man was going to make the potential in-laws to be tycoons. The father of the girl shared the information with his wife, and the wife danced with joy and praised God for giving such a beautiful girl who instantly seemed to wipe away their financial worries. She repetitively kissed her husband until it was dusk. They called their daughter who had just come from visiting her friends. The parents conveyed the message to their daughter. The girl was also shocked but she was willingly to be part of this rich family. The trios were excited that they did not hear the sound of cars arriving at their doorstep. They were shocked when they found out there was a knock on their door, and when the husband opened the door only to find it’s his friend.

He realised things were moving fast than he expected. The big man had come with loaded groceries, and some new wrapped notes in big bundles worthy over a million and a chauffeur was arriving with a brand new Mercedes for the daughter’s family. The two men sat down and discussed to the length and the father of the boy had insisted to take the girl the same night, as he wanted to surprise his son, and it was his son’s birthday. The two families finally agreed and the girl was made to pack her things, and she did it obediently, she kissed her parents as she glamorously shoved herself on to the seat and tied her seatbelt. The parents waved with tears strolling down their cheeks. “Our princess, there she goes,” the father spoke with anguish voice. He hugged his wife tightly a blew the last kiss to their daughter. The convoy of cars melted from a distance as the princess was whisked to the palace.

The princess was ushered on a red carpet and went in a special room. The room was extravagantly decorated, and a bold message inscribed in golden big letters: WELCOME PRINCESS: AS FROM TODAY YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF THIS HOUSE. The beautiful girl smiled and thought that life is a wheel of fortune. She spread her legs softly on the most comfortable sofa. The father in law informed the girl that he was about to release the good news to his son. His wished her well and kissed her. The father had been clandestinely working on this matter and he had advice his servants not to leak any information to his son. The servants had obediently followed his advice, so the son was in for a big surprise. The father went in the room with joy and the party was already in full swing. He danced a while with his son, after a while he ordered the DJ to stop playing music as he had a beautiful pleasant for his son. There was silence in the room, as everyone wanted to hear what this man was going to offer for his son.

“Firstly I would want to thank God for giving me such a wonderful son. I remember the day he was conceived; I was besides his mother, on a swimming pool. His birth made me to be a proud father, I promised my late wife, that I will take care of our son and do anything for him under the sun. I am glad that I fulfilled that dream, and the only person who is missing it’s his mother who passed away on the same day he was born.” His voice at this stage was emotional, as the images of his beautiful late wife flashed back. “I thanked her for giving me a beautiful son and I remember kissing her as she slipped away from my arms. As I am speaking I wish she was here with me as I am about to announce the very special news for my son. I believe my wife is watching above from the sky, as this is the special day for me and my son and all of you who have come to witness this day. Your gathering made it special,” he addressed the crowd and as his voice reached crescendo tone.

“Secondly, I want to say a Very Happy Birthday to my son, in bold letters,” the father beamed. I have thought for the past six months about the best gift I could give you on your birthday. After toiling with my brains, the best gift I can give you today popped up a couple of days ago.”  The big man smiled, as he looked straight into his son’s eyes. The son reciprocated and hugged his father. “Dad, I appreciate you more than my heart could say at this hour. Whatever you have for me I know it’s the best as you are my best dad in the world.” The father and son grinned and hugged once more. The crowd applauded. “My son, my own beloved son, I as your dad, I want to see you living a happy life till to the end. As a man I know what makes a man happy. The medicine of a happy life to a man is a bubbling woman, who cares about his man from his stomach to his daily needs.” He paused deliberately, allowing his message to sink. The son grinned, but he had no clue where the story was leading. He stared his son again and looked into the crowd. He strode two steps and spread his right arm over his son’s shoulder.

“Son, the very special gift I have been secretly preparing for you,” he paused once more and looked his son closely. He hesitated a while but decided to kill off the message. “In that room” he pointed it with his finger, “which we have always called the queen’s room, there is an angel, a beautiful girl, the daughter of my best friend, and today I pronounce you as her husband. Don’t ask of the lobola as everything had been put in place.” The crowd applauded but the son was in shock. He shivered and forced a smile.

After he gained his momentum the son delivered his own speech. “ I want to thank you dad for a such wonderful a gift. I deeply appreciate as it almost paralyses my nervous system,” he spoke slowly with intentions. His dad smiled agreeing with his son. “But dad you know that the entire of my life I never worked or sweat. This place to be what it is today; It is the sweat of the servants and the servants have been my aids in every social aspect of my life. So, as you know dad, I am your pampered lazy son, spoiled from bottom to top. Did you ever thought of  how I am going to work on this woman? “Dad, please, try to understand, I may sound ungrateful but my major question lies on the truth about this girl.”“Which is?” The father asked anxiously. “Is she pregnant?” the son finally asked. The father collapsed with shock.


Fraudulent letters:Ignorance of Law has no Excuse!!!

English: Official work by the Central Intellig...

English: Official work by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In recent years I have received so many letters that claimed that I have won over a million pounds and I wondered how would I have won and yet I did not play a lottery game. In some of these letters I was asked to pay a certain amount of money for the transaction to proceed, while in some letters they would want me to send my bank details so they could “deposit” money in my account.

 The recent scam emails I received had suggested the money had been sent through western union, so I should call the supplied name and ask for the money. Immediately I knew that it is one of the scam letters. I searched on Google and found similar letter had circulated to many people and confirmed it  was a fraud letter.  Here is one of the latest fraudulent letter I have received which reads:


To: ;
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 19:21:11 +0200
Subject: Your ID Has Was Granted £950,000,00 GBP In LG Electronics Cash Offer. To Claim, Reply To This Mail-ID( )With Your Name/Address/Phone No/Country

Fortunately, I never acted upon their requests instead I tried to scare them off,  pretending I work for CIA and it worked as some of these con people never came back to me. I am sure I am not alone as there are million of cases similar to mine. The difference is how you react when you are told you have won a million of pounds or dollars that you have never won in your life, in these times of recession. It’s easy to bait. They are over hundred thousands of similar cases like mine and some people have baited easily and found after a length of time that they have been duped.

Some people go online and pretending they are looking for a man or woman to date. While chatting online the pretender may fake that (s) he has gone into some problem in a remote place and need some money to fix the problem. With genuine sympathy the other part would immediately want to help and trying his or her best to the send the money. The con person would simply supply the name and account where the money should be deposited. The genuine would act upon it and only after some few days (s) he would only realise that he has been conned as the con person block him or her from communicating further. Some con people may decide to continue with the relationship until they have yielded more in their conning behaviour.

I know of a true story of a British woman who was conned more than eighty thousand pounds over a two-year period. She believed that her online date from America was a genuine but it never rang to her why this man was continuously asking money every time they were online.  The man had posed as a white American guy, who went to Iraq war and came back from war badly injured. He had children to look after and his wife had recently died as of cancer. It was when this man blocked her and wondered what had gone wrong. The woman’s friend took her to police, and it was after the investigations that the woman was left devastated when the truth came up. The man, who posed to be a potential husband, was not even from America he was from Africa.

My advice is to completely ignore, delete the scam emails or go to the nearest police station if you receive these similar fraudulent emails. The police can track the fraudulent person until (s)he is brought to the court of laws.. Do not get baited online simply because you are desperately looking for love. When you accept any scam offers it simply means you are entering on illegal contract. Let’s say it happens that the police catch you and you say to them you didn’t know. Let me say to you: Ignorance of law has no excuse. Therefore you are as equally guilty as like the person who breached the law intentionally and knowing the consequences.

In a nut shell I am saying stay alert and be warned that they are devil fishers and they may hook your money in the name of love, sending emails claiming you have won some millions of money. Don’t be trapped in this deceitful triangular. Keep your identity secure and don’t give away your bank details to strangers. I hope by reading this article you have benefited something. Never cry over spit milk but prevention is better than cure.