Doctors, Employers, Landlords to be the Scapegoats of new Immigration Laws

It is the duty of the UK border agency to enforce tougher border controls on immigrants who are coming in and for many years they have tried and failed to completely manage the system. Many immigrants from different nations come here and some slip away on this small Island, as their duration to stay in England expires. The statistics revealed that there are people who have lived in England for 10- 15 years clandestinely and without a trace of them.

The categories include immigrants who come purposely to work for a length of time until a stipulated time when their endorsed visas expire. Some come on student Visa and others come as refugees or some claim asylum. In this group of asylum seekers or refugees for one to be granted a refugee status one has to prove through courts of law that your claim is beyond doubt, and that you are a genuine victim of torture, harassment, segregation and that your life is at stake. Some refugees are granted indefinite leave to remain, while others are offered a limited number of years to stay in the UK and asked to return home after the pause.

In this category of refugees and asylum seekers, it’s not everybody who is fortunate to be granted a stay. When your claim is unsuccessful, you are offered an opportunity to appeal and even going to the highest court, which is the tribunal. If your claim fails at tribunal, it means no entry into the UK. And automatically, you are classified as illegal immigrant and prohibited from working. The home office will ask the failed asylum seeker either to go back voluntarily to their country of origin, if not they will use the best tactics of forced deportation.

Forced Deportations come in many forms of packages and many in which victims are caught unaware. Dawn raids. UK border agency may appear at a house of intended failed asylum seeker or a  family as early as five o’clock in the morning, and the victims are not given any chance but only to be told to pack their things and finally the victims are shoved  in a police van, where the victim(s) are led to a detention center. If  a victim tried to resist they would use force to enforce that detention.

In most cases it is a dramatic and traumatic experience, with the victim regretting for not have thought of slipping away or going  underground without the knowledge of the Home Office. Women and children crying and no one comforting the other, the fathers cursing themselves for failing to foresee the insecurities attached to their temporary stay in the UK.

Some are raided at work  if the Home Office suspects,  a whistleblower may have  informed the home office that a certain company employs illegal workers. If the suspected illegal workers failed to produce a valid passport or a stay, then the UK border agency officers would take the suspects to a local police station or take them to a detention center for deportation. The border Agency will make sure that the employers will experience a bitter taste for entering  illegal contracts with illegal immigrants.  They are charged a normal fixed of £10.000 per each illegal worker found their working premises. So you can imagine if they are 3 or 5 people multipy by the  fixed figure.  It’s a large bill of a lifetime and easily destroys the business. Sometimes the employers do it out of their heart just to help another soul whilst risking their business.

Some illegal immigrants are caught by fate, they may be stopped while driving, or do a silly thing such as get involved in a brawl at a pub or public place or simply not paying a bus pass or train ticket. The illegal immigrants end up in the hands of police and asked if they have right to stay in the UK, or they will ring Home Office to verify their presence in the UK. In all these categories that I have described above they are geographical terms which are used to describe the trends of demographic as people move from one region to another. The two terms are known as Push and Pull Factors

Push Factors: What is it that is pushing people away from that region? It could be: the war, feminine, persecution, no job or business opportunities, the land is infertile, segregation or a change of environment.

Pull Factors: What is making the other place viable or attractive than the other?

The environment is good for education, employment and business opportunities.

The place is friendly, safe or a haven place, good health facilities, good life span.

The place could be fertile and it could be its geographical position that it attracts many trends and there are more things to benefit than being stacked on one place that is fruitless.

These are some of the factors that push and pull people from one region to another region in search or seeking to fulfil their potential. Most immigrants in the UK they come here for better education and some for the better opportunities. It is natural because birds and animals do the same thing migrating from one region to another to survive. It is called a survival instinct. The trees develop the same concept as the their roots spread vertically deep in search of food and water or the some roots of the trees they widely spread horizontally searching for food and water.

Illegal immigrants in the UK who go underground they tend to put their lives at risk  to survive. The illegal immigrants look for jobs, which they might not be paid, if the employer turns to be cruel taking the advantage of their situation. The employer may end up employing slavery tactics, such as cheap labour, manipulating tax even at greater costs, employers under paying the illegal worker(s) and even one works hard everyday. If not paid or underpaid by the employer the illegitimate worker cannot report it because he is illegal, the job opportunity is illegal and if they report, they might be caught and deported and that the last thing they will never want to do just to protect themselves.  It’s only a few of the employers who are honest and sympathise with the illegal immigrants in their situation and insist on the right wages.

Some  of the illegal immigrants find themselves living in squalid conditions, homeless, sleeping underneath the bridges. Some illegal immigrants will starve from hunger for a length of time while others ploy on  radical things: committing crime just enough to draw the attention police , so that they can be found in prison where they can be fed. They may get ill for a prolonged time without medical checks and even afraid to go to the hospital for fear of forced deportation. The illegal immigrants always live in fear of  deportation, developing anxiety and sleepless nights just to live a life in the UK.

The new laws will soon be in place  to enforce  the doctors, the landlords and the employers to check out who is who? Does the person has the right to be in the UK? This a job that the UK border agency should be doing, but I can foresee in the future that  Landlords and Doctors could be sued or charged by the UK border agency for offering accommodation to an illegal migrant, for offering treatment to an illegal migrant. My question is: Who deserves a huge penalty here? Is it the Employer, the Landlord, the Doctor, or the UK border agency? Whose responsibility had let the cat out first, and now blaming people who are supposedly to be doing their job, as it should be?

It’s easy to find a scapegoat in every problem. The weaker ones or vulnerable are singled out and unjustly blamed for things that they have never done. Scapegoat is a term used in the bible. The two goats were brought forward and one was sacrificed while the other was taken out far into the deserts taking away the sins of people with it.