The Children and I at Sainsburys

The crowd gathered outside as the camera-man put himself into his job, ready to take photos, and to permanently gathering people’s memories as the camera flashed endlessly. It had a such unquenchable appetite to restore people’s memories and so were the people, whom seemed to be floating from an endless hole. But who is at the centre of attraction? It was the famous celebrity belonging to the “dwarf family”. She drew the attention and some of the Sainsburys workers were gathered together for a photo shot, whilst their white- crimson teeth were exposed randomly enhancing the atmosphere. I was just a passers-by while I observed these scenarios as I headed inside the Sainsburys shop in Hazel Grove.

   Inside, I picked up my basket and headed to  a different assorted shelves and pinched some few groceries for the day. Having done that  I went straight to the till and paid and little did I know that I had some audience waiting for me with smiles that lit up the skies and making my day a memorable one. At the next till was a young woman in her early thirties holding affectionately her 18 months old baby. She  smiled at me; “my baby has been smiling at you since she  first saw you,” she said with a cheerful face. And there she was, the little girl,with a pretty shy smiling face, facing at me with a loving melting heart. Immediately, I was filled with compassion and I asked the woman if I could lift up her baby. “Yes.” With a big smile I was granted the permission to hold the infant; who readily came up into my hands with a widely opened embrace that clung to my neck tightly.

  Before I know, two more mothers came to me with their children, all smiling. ” Our children  are smiling at you,”they said in unison; ” you seem to connect with the children easily,” said the another mother with a face that seemed to be written : Happiness is the answer to many things. I responded equally with a huge burbling smile . “Oh, my God, she is beautiful. Isn’t she?” Oh,yes, she is,” said the crowd. I laughed with the crowd and soon I intermingled with the fathers, mothers, children, grandmothers , brothers and sisters. Children wore adorable smiles as they touched me, stroked my hair, played the hi-fives with my hands, brushed their soft skin against my cheeks and above all wanting to tell me stories of what they did, their plans for the weekend and the list was endless.

  Things were moving fast and soon I realised it was a dejavu of what I had seen earlier when the adults gathered around Silvia the celebrity. I was naturally a celebrity in my own rights, surrounded  with the children who purely loved me and played around me. I have always cherished the moments like this which leaves me with satisfaction. I left Sainsburys without the intend to do so. Here I was at home, where I am loved by children with their parents, where we all felt we have known each other for a life time.



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