How to release someone from electrocution point.

Two children were playing with live cables whilst they were bare footed. They were not aware of the dangers surround them and so it happened so quick and so fast,that the second child was caught up trying to help his mate as soon as he could but unfortunately luck ran out that day. He struggled to help him and he was quickly dying. Without thinking the child took desperate measure to rescue his friend from dying. He jumped up, throwing his body with much force as he could and grabbed his friend’s hands from the cable. The moment he touched his friend’s hands he was also electrocuted. It was the other child who saw it from a distance and he ran to the nearest classroom to call a teacher. He found one and came out together, the child gasping for air whilst pointing in the direction of the accident. The teacher was shocked to see two children lives catapulted. After a quick lecture, warning the child the dangers of touching the bodies of the two would lead him to his own death. He told him to stay afar whilst he ran home to pick a wooden cooking stick.

In a short time the teacher was back with a cooking stick. He hold the cooking stick firmly and up high, then with such a force he hit the hands of the victims and their bodies came down by force falling on each other. He looked at the dead bodies in silence and shook his head in disbelief that he had taught these boys in the morning before lunch time and now all was gone, just in a fraction. He had saved his life and the other boy whom he had vehemently denied the access to touch their bodies. He was relieved when he found the boy still sitting under a huge, tall gumtree and with the tears streaming down. We are the luckiest boy, otherwise we could have been the unfortunate ones if we did not use the wooden stick.”Why the wooden stick saved you from electrocuted?” asked the small boy. The teacher  was forced to bend down and come at the same  level of the boy’s height. ” That’s a good question,”  said the teacher,  patting the boy’s shoulders. The wood is a poor conductor of electricity therefore It catches  electricity at a very slow rate unlike our bodies which naturally have some water that carries dissolved ions which are automatically good conductors of heat  and that’s why it’s easy for one to be electrocuted.  So next time when that incident occurs again you know how you can protect yourselves and others from electrocution.


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