Divine Appointment

“Thank you driver,” I spoke with a crispy tone that melted the driver’s heart and he smiled back. I lightly manoeuvre off from the bus and stampede towards the Picadilly bus station.  While  I was walking, I realised  that they were some people who were watching me and I was brought to an immediate attention of two smiling faces of two women in their late fifties. They were both familiar faces and the smiles were intended for me, to attract, to invoke my spirits and to ignite my well being. I responded equivocally as I came towards their direction. The other lady was already on her feet, her hands wide open to embrace me. Swiftly I landed on her arms and she passionately hugged me forever. The word joy was written all over our faces. We looked at each other and hugged each other again, we laughed whilst the other woman was watching at us with an inviting smile. I greeted her later. And our flow of conversation moved smoothly that I was entangled by a short phrase that frequently came out of the mouths of the two women; “This is a divine appointment” they said as they looked at each other then on to me with authentic smiles that brightened the day  Happiness was the word to describe their feelings when they saw me. Their was a continuous super-flow of laughter and excitement.

“we were talking about you, and that we haven’t seen you for ages. And also we have a God’s ministry job, lined up for you. We thought you are the right candidate,as you always preach the word of God with passionate and provoking the sleeping devils to flee away. You are the one, the chosen one to be lined up with God’s work. You are full of fire. ” she concluded.  I listened attentively as I heard hip of praises bestowed on me. I wonder  what have I done to receive these praises. I was just a mere a human being but I was wrong as these two  characters had already defined me as God’s most loved child.

I questioned them why they were here at Picadilly and where they were going? The lady who had hugged me earlier, Mrs Bonzo, not her real name, spoke fervently that they were going to Salford Royal hospital to see her daughter who was admitted the night before. “Oh,Joy is in hospital I exclaimed. “yes she is but we thank God that it ‘s not serious.” I was relieved with the message and thirty minutes later we boarded the bus to the hospital. The driver dropped us at the main entrance. We walked slowly to the hospital and there we find her surrounded and chatting with other friends. we we re ushered onto the seats whilst the patient cried out with deep emotions.She cuddled us and soon she was at comfort, chatting with us and explaining to us what the doctors had discovered and how she is going to be treated.

After a while, Mrs Pafunge, not her real name, led us into prayer. Ten minutes later we were back to our seats,and we spend another thirty minutes with the patient  and we left for home. “It  was by divine appointment that we are all here, laughing.” said Mrs Bonzo with a huge smile.


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