Is it cheap to buy online or in a shop? Shop wisely!!!


Shopping could be an addiction for others and buy anything they come across. At times people they don’t check how much they have spent and as a result one ends up just shopping without comparing the prizes. I am interested in shopping but I have always wanted to shop around. It gives me the opportunity to compare prizes hence saving loads of money even it means saving £0.50 or £1.00. Tesco’s motto says: Every little helps.

Recently I visited a hobby craft shop with the intent to buy a certain product I wanted. In the middle of browsing through  I met a lady in the same shop who said it’s much better to buy things from online because it’s reasonably cheap. I did agree with her to some extent but I reserved some of my comments to myself. I had a look on the product I was looking for and I found it in the shop. The prize was £4.49 each and I wanted to buy two but then I decided not to buy and have a look online.

When I went home I dashed on my computer and began online shopping. I browse through the most common online sites the eBay and Amazon looking for the same product that I had seen from my local shop. I found it on Amazon. The prize of the product was £0.0 1 each but the postage cost was £4.50 each.  I calculated the cost of two products and it was almost equal with the prize from the shop. I shop around again and I saw the same product being sold at £2.99 and the postage was free within UK.  I decided to buy it because the prize of two products would cost me £5.98. I would have saved £4.02. So I proceeded with my purchasing and I was almost completing the online purchasing when I noticed that the total amount I should pay was £9.00 instead of £5.98. I wondered why when it was clearing written free to post within UK? I saw that a £4.00 was added as part of pack and a vat. So again it added to £9.98. Then I concluded where to buy.

I thrashed the online purchase and decided to go back to my local shop, and buy the same product and which would be delivered in my hands at the time of purchasing. Unlike online which looked cheap at the cost of product but expensive on posting, pack and vat. I would wait for three  or more days before my product is delivered to me. Online uses a strategy to lure you and believe the prize is cheap and they recover their money by introducing high prizes for posting, pack and vat. If I want to be honest that product would not even cost £4 or more to deliver in UK.  It is very light and it would have cost a £1,00 or less on posting. This is a fact.

My advice is to shop wisely. Always ask is it worth to buy online or rather buy on your local shop if the prize is less than few pence difference. Remember with online you got to wait for some days after you buy unlike in local shops it’s in your hands the moment you purchase. I would buy online when it’s reasonably cheap or the product(s) is rarely found in the local shops.