OBAMA: Don’t Lose Sight!!!

A message that I thought as a writer I should write it at an appropriate time and little did I know this was the time to send a message of encouragement to the President of United States of America, Barrack Hussein OBAMA, a message that would invoke his spirits, in winning souls of many on the time of elections. It is a message that is directed to the Honourable President Obama. The Ball is still in your hands and you can play it well. Just play in the 18 area and score as many goals as you can because there are plenty of opportunities to win the Premium Trophy. You have created that brand for yourself and still you can. There is nothing to fear and the light for you shines ayonder and you have great supporters all over the world and majority I know they see you as the best role model that the world has ever produced.

They admire you; they talk about you in the streets, schools, churches, colleges, universities, work and in their homes. These people they do emulate your achievements and some they envisage you in their dreams that one day they would be like you. They have engraved your name in their hearts.  Some of these people are young boys from a black community in Moss Side, Manchester, United Kingdom. The area these children grew up was an area of gun culture and it was negatively stereotyped because of the former. Many of these children lost their self-esteem because it was crippled because of the negative stigma that was associated with the area they lived and lost the self-belief that they can do better and some were complete lost and their lives never recovered.

Some who were fortunate enough to witness your victory on the 5th November 2008. Your inauguration was a great landmark in the history of a mankind. It inspired many across the world. The young people came to understand they are no excuses for failures, nothing can stop them to reach the highest branch of the tallest tree and they understood that the sky is the limit. It was you, the Honourable, President Obama, who turned many lives of young people and adults into positive thinking. There is no colour bar. The message is clear:It  is crowded at the bottom and more free space at the top.

When Emory Douglas, from America, visited Manchester in August 2008, spent a week, and for two days, worked with a group of young people (aged 12-15) from Moss Side. This group benefited the Emory Douglas, masterclass and it was an opportunity to find on about American Civil Rights Movements direct from one of it Protagonist. The young people asked him about Black Panther Party and they also talked to him about his techniques he used to create his revolutionary art.  By the end of the masterclass, this group had completed their own posters, which gave an insight into the issues and concerns that are important to them

He inspired many young children especially from the black community and because of the inspiration he stimulated them to be artist and one of the children drew a lovely picture of you, President Obama. His message to you clearly written: Don’t lose sight. The importance of sight is very crucial it shows  direction of where you are going but sight can be lost on the way if you lose concentration. I think that the same young person had a good insight and recognised it, that it can happen to any body regardless of the position. As a word of inspiration he wanted to say these word from the bottom of his heart that you should not lose sight but keep focusing.

I am grateful as a novice blogger that I came upon this work of children when I treaded upon the grounds of Manchester in 2009, where Emory Douglas’s work was exhibited and out of generosity he displayed the work of these young children.  Again he appreciated their work and inspired them that they are more than what they think. Once I saw these pictures displayed, my eyes settled on them with a great appreciation and admiration. I took several pictures and today one of them inspired me to write. I WISH THE OBAMAS THE BEST OF ALL IN THE WORLD.  And to fight a war they never fought before.