Ask the Dog?!!!

During the time of colonialism in Zimbabwe, the white master offered a black farm worker a lift. He told his worker to sit at the back of his open truck. The black boy as it was the name of that time, obeyed as his white master sat in front with his bulldog besides him. They drove as they left the farm heading to the capital city, Harare. After 45 miles of travelling, the truck veered off from the road and collided violently on a huge tree, the white master died on the spot but the dog and the black boy survived with minor injuries.

 When the police came and asked for some statements from the black farm worker. “I had no knowledge of what led to this fatal accident,” he said as his voice rose in anger. “What do you mean black boy? Where you not in this car? Sitting next to him?” the police queried. “No, no, I tell you now to ask the dog the same questions?” the black boy answered as he fumed with anger.  “Why the dog?” asked one of the officers with a curious tone. “Well, it was sitting  in front next to the master,” said the black boy as he paced away.