Was there a war?

Big Brother 2004 (UK)

Once upon a time in suburban bliss village there lived two middle-aged women who had interesting personalities. The two women were known as Mrs Zipora and Mrs Big Brother. Mrs Zipora, a calm and cagey person. Mrs Big Brother an observant, wild at heart and interested in other’s people activities. On this day, Mrs Big Brother had noticed a male visitor entering Mrs Zipora’s house. She also recognised the face and that he was a local pastor from a nearby church. Mrs Big Brother waited patiently as she peeped through from her first floor bedroom window. At the background of her house was a green tall hedge giving a good cover that nobody would have noticed her.  She smiled at the thought and carried on with her mission. She stood for a long time, an hour had passed away but she did not see the pastor coming out of the house. She wondered why it had taken so long for him to leave her neighbour’s house. “Was something missing?” she struggled with her mind. Thirty minutes later, then she saw the pastor leaving as he drove his car away.

Mrs Big Brother rushed down her stairs and exited her house as her fast moving legs led her to Mrs Zipora’s house, whom she found still standing at her doorstep as she watched the pastor’s car vanished from a distance and smiled. Mrs Zipora was surprised to see Mrs Big Brother standing next to her and she had not seen how she came about to her house. The two ladies stared at each other as they weighed their thoughts inwardly. Mrs Big Brother forced a cough and hesitated to start a conversation but in the end she realised she had no option but to ask the very question she wanted to know.

“Eeer…eerh”, she stammered as she began the conversation. “ I saw a pastor coming out of your house,” Mrs Big Brother spoke as her eyes remained fixed on her neighbour, Mrs Zipora. “Is someone ill in your house?” she asked with a soliciting tone. This kind of ferreting infuriated her neighbour, Mrs Zipora, who was now determined to fire back.

“What’s wrong with you woman?” Mrs Zipora hissed back and fiercely looked to her opponent. “Yesterday,” she continued. “I saw a soldier coming out of your house,” Mrs Zipora said as her shivering finger pointed at Mrs Big Brother’s house as she failed to control her flared temper. “Tell me now, Mrs Big Brother, was there a war in your house?”