A man who lived in a densely populated of African suburbs, Isaiah Jokoni, was happy with his life and he had a descent house and a descent job . He loved his job greatly as a mechanical engineer. One day he found himself late for work as he sped up to board a commuter omnibus at a nearby local bus station. By the time Isaiah arrived at the bus station the minibus was nearly full with one vacant left for one passenger. Isaiah smiled and thinking how luck he was as he squeezed in at the front seat next to the  bus driver. He was drenching with sweat and Isaiah realised that he was not immune to the African summer heat wave  although it was still in the morning  and everyone was starting to feel the heat.  Isaiah wiped the sweat from his face with the back of his hands.  He opened the window in front to alleviate the situation and opened as well two top  buttons  of his shirt, allowing the air to cool him.

When Isaiah got settled, he pulled out his mobile from his porch bag. It was one of the latest Nokia phone he had bought in the last two weeks. He stroked his phone as  he thought of texting a message to his boss letting him know that he was on his way though he was running late. Isaiah had finished typing the message when the mini bus stopped at a red traffic lights. He was about to press a send button when the phone simply disappeared from his hands.  Isaiah had not seen how it happened  but the rest of the passengers had seen the thief coming and the thief had pretended like someone who was about to cross the road.

“It’s the thief, It’s the thief,” everyone shouted in despair and anger on top of their voices. Some were pointing in the direction where the thief had gone whilst others banging on the windows and drumming on the floor with their feet. The man whose phone was stolen , Isaiah Jokoni, was silent for a moment and when he gained his voice he called out in desperation: Press Send! Press Send! Unfortunately his words were swallowed by  thick air as the thief faded away into the crowds.