The Importance of First Aid. How to Stop the Blood Coming Out From the Nose!!

Everyday we face challenges and calamities that need an immediate human response. One of the challenges is that accidents do occur unexpectedly some are fatal and some are minor hence they need human touch or basic knowledge how to handle the situation. I found out majority of us do lack those basic skills that are vital to save someone’s life. We tend to panic and shiver with terror when we do not know how to handle the situation. In many cases we end up dialling the emergency number 999 and of which is greatly advisable. In normal circumstances they end up giving you some advice how to help the person in need while the paramedics are on their way.

Recently I faced a similar challenge and fortunately enough I had the basic skills to ease the problem. It so happened that last week Friday I went to a night vigil where I was invited by one of my neighbours. I sat behind a lovely couple. The husband was holding their two-year-old boy throughout the night though here and the wife would hold the baby boy for some few minutes. I could see the reason why the husband would volunteered more to hold the child, the toddle had a bit of weight.

It was nearly 3 am in the morning and I saw the toddler oozing some blood from his nose. His father had held him high up on her left shoulder. The blood was soaking thoroughly on the father’s green jumper.  Immediately I poked the dad with my finger and alerted what had befallen their little boy. He lifted him up and put laid him carefully on his lap. Sensing the danger I went straight to the couple and politely I told the father that I wanted to offer some help and stopping the blood from bleeding. He agreed and listened for my advice.  Here is the sequence that I followed to stop the blood  from coming out:

First step: I asked the father to hold her son’s head and tilt it slightly. The tilting position enables the blood to change the course of flow. By tilting the head you had automatically stopped the blood to come out from the nose.

Secondly, I hit lightly with a good punch on the forehead of the victim. Two lightly punches would be considered good enough to blockade the blood from oozing and redirect  it to other courses of flow in the body.

Thirdly, I waited for a minute or two whilst the head is on tilting position giving the blood allowance of finding its normal course of flow.

Finally, I asked the father to release the toddler’s head and it was all done.

At home you may follow these simple first aid steps and save someone from loosing a lot of blood.

My eldest sister passed these basic skills on to me when I was as young as seven. In the course of event I managed to help so many people, pupils at school.  I became known for helping people to stop the blood from coming out from their nose. Today I freely pass this information to you and help many in times of dire situations. Knowledge is power and be in control. I hope you have benefited something from reading this article.